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Miffy gets modernised – the international children’s classic is updated

The kids and I were delighted to be invited for the unveiling of the new and updated version of the Miffy children’s books. Miffy has now been a published series for over 50 years and has been translated into over 50 languages. This will be the first time the boys can read the Miffy books for themselves, and their first copy in English (having it previously read to them in Dutch). In Dutch, Miffy is “nijntje.” Dick Bruna, the author and illustratror, while best known for the Miffy books (32 books) actually wrote an additional 124 picture books for children…

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Benihana in Chelsea, London – dinner and a show for the whole family

On the Kings Road in Chelsea is Benihana. A few blocks from Sloane Square tube station, Benihana is just steps away from the Marks & Spencer. Step through the glass door and down the stairs into the bar and you’re in for a whole new adventure of food and fun! If you haven’t been to Benihana before it’s a Teppanyaki style Japanese hibachi steak house.  What is Teppanyaki you ask? Think of  grilling whilst  juggling and you’re getting close to the picture. You dine around a flat hibachi grill table and a chef prepares a meal for the table using…

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Tickety Toc Toy Launch – new Tickety Toc toys fun for multiple ages

Last week we were invited to bring our family of toy testers to a Top-Secret location for some Toy Testing of the brand new Tickety Toc Toys. Tickety Toc, the popular children’s TV show on Channel 5 and Milkshake features Tommy and Tallulah Tockerty and their friends and is a favorite of “Peter Pan”, my now 5 year old. The fun started in our household the night before the event – when we told the kids the next morning they’d get to test out the new Tickety Toc toys before anyone else, at a Top Secret location. I thought they’d never…

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Giving birth in the UK vs the US – more different than you might think

When I speak to my family who are in the US the first topic they bring up is the impending birth of the new Royal Baby. I think the Americans have more baby fever than is currently in the UK.  But thinking of Kate, and this being her first baby, delivered privately here in the UK I can’t help but think about how different the experience is here, private vs NHS from each other and even more different than the experience in the US. You’re having a baby – how different could it be you might think. Having now experienced…

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Swimming with baby and the new Huggies Hygiene Mat

When “Captain Hook” was born we took him to baby swim class from age 4 months to 8 months. He loved it. Hubby and I would take turns going into the water with him. Funnily enough that was one place that the cultural difference of Hubs being native Belgian would appear. In baby swim class while doing activities with the kids in the water they sing nursery rhymes and baby songs – which are very different in the US vs Belgium. So he’d do the motions but not sing along because he didn’t know the words. Luckily for me, the…

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Sensitive Baby – food intolerance to almost everything

At about 3 weeks of age, baby “Tinkerbell” became generally irritable and a veritable puke-fountain. She’s nurse, then immediately spit it all back up with force, then want to nurse again as she’d just lost her lunch. She’d repeat this pattern for about 3-4 times until she was exhausted and I was tapped out on breastmilk. In between feedings she remained irritable, would vomit, arch and fuss. Additionally she had a very red and raw sore bottom. It was the strangest thing – like flipping a switch. The first 3 weeks were fine then suddenly in that third week everything…

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Review of The Kensington Wing, Private Maternity Ward at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

So as you already know I’d decided to have the baby privately. To Americans reading this – this may seem an odd statement, so do please refer to my past post about this. In deciding to have the baby privately in London I had pretty much narrowed down my choices between the Portland Hospital and the Kensington Wing at Chelsea and Westminster. My Consultant would deliver at either. I read as much info and talked to people who had been at both and for me the Kensington Wing won out due to it’s proximity and that they had a NICU…

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BabyPing video baby monitor is a must for Expat Parents

One of the challenges of being a “transatlantic” family is that our extended family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc are overseas. While we miss free family babysitters, we miss sharing special family moments even more. When we knew we were expecting we began searching around for the perfect baby monitor. When I was a first-time Mother, I had one of those monitors with an under-mattress breathing sensor. At the time, it gave me peace of mind knowing baby was breathing. For my second child, I no longer needed that extra piece of mind to allay my crazy first time…

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Enter the Dragon – our baby girl arrives with drama

Whilst originally due around Feb 19th, our babygirl aka “Tinkerbell” was scheduled to be delivered by c-section, originally Feb 13th, then moved up to Feb 8th. With Chinese New Year falling Feb 10th 2013, we managed to just squeak in to the Year of the Dragon. Specifically the Water Dragon. For those of you who follow the Chinese lunar calendar, the Year of the Dragon is considered the luckiest of the Chinese lunar years. But our little girl wasn’t just satisfied to be born a bit early, into the year of the Dragon (who wants to be a 2013 Rabbit anyways?)…

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MIA and back again..

So I was MIA for a bit. As you may already know I’m a full time working Mom, with a demanding job and even more demanding children and hubs :0) On a normal week I do about 65 hours of work in my office and some in the evenings from home – and then shuttle the kids around, do the cooking etc and try and squeeze in some time for blogging and perhaps a moment for myself. Once I reached the 3rd trimester – it was all I could do to just stay awake and make it through my workday… Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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