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A Royal Education – have you prepared your child?

What’s really struck me in all this furor over nakey pics of Prince Harry isn’t the fact he’s naked, or caught on camera while being so – it’s that he clearly lost at the game of strip-pool and lost badly. (he’s not even got any socks left!)

As a Mother – it behooves us to prepare our children for life. Whether it’s providing a good education so they can get good jobs and support themselves, or even swim lessons so the know how not to drown.  Sports and games lessons and clubs prepare children for competition and teamwork in adulthood and develop coordination and dexterity.

It’s not like he’s not coordinated and sporty – he’s well known for his polo playing. So how did this gap in his education come about?

I did a little research and it turns out Pool or Billiards has a noble heritage.

The game has been played by kings and commoners, presidents, mental patients, ladies, gentlemen, and hustlers alike. It evolved from a lawn game similar to the croquet played some-time during the 15th century in Northern Europe and probably in France. Play moved indoors to a wooden table with green cloth to simulate grass, and a simple border was placed around the edges. The balls were shoved, rather than struck, with wooden sticks called “maces.” The term “billiard” is derived from French, either from the word “billart”, one of the wooden sticks, or “bille”, a ball.

Most of our information about early billiards comes from accounts of playing by royalty and other nobles. It has been know as the “Noble Game of Billiards” since the early 1800’s but there is evidence that people from all walks of life played the game since its inception.

History of Pool via thebilliardshop.com (you can read the long detailed history here)

So, you’d think being a royal and all Harry’d have a leg up on the competition, right? But if the photos are anything to go by, he was equally poor at the sport as his companion.

Mums – as part of preparing your child for life out in the world, I think it’s up to you to ensure your child learns valuable life lessons like, how to balance a checkbook, how to do the laundry, how to cook a few meals, how to play well with others – and as importantly pointed out by Prince Harry, how to play pool.

Without further ado, here are several sources you may find useful

Guide- Pool for Kids

Teach your kids how to shoot pool

(And in case anyone was wondering – yes this post is half in jest, but also kind of not :0) )


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