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A whole lotta why……

I was tagged by another expat, Erin aka @SilentBeauty aka American Mom in England (that’s a whole lot of aka’s I know!) to take part in a “Why” meme. She was tagged by  and now it’s my turn to let you know all the why why why’s… filling up my brain. But it’s not just any why’s. apparently, there are rules:

1. Post your whys – as few or as many as you like.
2. Link up your post at Mummy Central & leave a comment here too.
3. Tag 5 bloggers to keep this going.
4. If you’re not a blogger, leave your whys as a comment below. I’d love to read them.
5. Show your support by reading a few others and commenting on them.
Why is my inner front door so thick – were the builders afraid of Zombies?
Why no matter how many times do I tell my kids not to take food into the kitchen do I find crumbs all over the house?
Why does my bed not make itself?
Why can the kiddo’s remember every name of action figures and moshi monsters but not to wash hands after potty?
Why do I go to bed with just my husband but wake up with 1 husband and 2 boys hogging the blankets?
Why am I still tired when I’ve just slept.
These are my why’s for now, I might sneak in a few later….


Now here are the 5 bloggers I’m tagging to keep the why’s coming….

City Girl No More, @citygirlnomore just plublished a book – would love to hear your why’s

Pippa, @StoryofMum would love to hear your why’s – I’m sure they are less whingy and more inspirational than mine

Claire @clairemaccy was a fab #MumsNight co-hostess

Lousie, @Louisewkr would love to hear your non bloggy perspective in comments below

Andy @dadscooking2nite would love to hear your Daddy why’s



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  1. Louise says:

    thanks for tagging me@transatlanticmom – interesting exercise…- why haven’t we caught up for ages?
    why am I the only one to notice random things spread across the floor of my hall, living room and anywhere really?
    why do children only wake up by themselves during the weekend?
    Why can the wonderful @itsmekelli http://sunshine-daydreams.blogspot.co.uk/ manage wonderful blogposts every day ?
    why has my ahead-of-times friend @miketeasdale suddenly started a blog when his daughter @katyteasdale ‘s life is clearly more interesting…
    why is elizabeth springs in the California not helping me sort my house out here in the UK? why am I spending more time on Facebook friends than seeing them in person? and why is @dalexdalex moving back to SF?
    that’s it from me…

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