a transatlantic mommy / mummy blog – my kids say "tomato" & "to-mah-to"


This blog is written by a mother of a transatlantic family. We are dual national American/Belgian – and currently live in London (previously in Chicago – and London before that). Going back and forth for work and family trips frequently, we’ve mastered the art of packing and know which snacks to buy in each country for our kids. Amazingly – pringles – seem to be a universally available, much to the delight of our kids.

Our two sons have had the experience of schools in both the US and UK and there are things we have enjoyed about both systems. They ask for candy in the US and sweets while in the UK and at 4 and 6 their language and intonation varies depending on audience and location.

I’m a compulsive blog-starter, having had many previously (and then got fascinated with a new topic) I will do my best to share some of my favorite mother-tested tips, ideas, reviews that I’ve developed from my transatlantic perspective.


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