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#MumsNight – Fitting in More “Me Time”

We all struggle to make time for ourselves – learn from others how they manage it and together come up with a plan to make it happen for you!

Join us as we discuss how to Fit in More “Me Time” on Monday Night 8:30-9:30 pm UK on Twitter, follow hashtag #MumsNight

As an activity – create a Pinterest Board sharing what you’d do if you had more time for yourself and then come back here and share it on this linky below!

Pinterest boards of “Me-Time”


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#MumsNight – June 18 – Dealing with Difficult People

This week on #MumsNight we’ll be tackling the tough stuff! We’ll be discussing “Dealing with Difficult People.”

So  I’ve received lots of recommendations as to whom you belief should be on the list “Difficult People”

  • Mothers in Law (MIL)
  • Toddlers
  • Teenagers
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Sales Staff
  • Eccentric “characters”
  • …………..

So join us as we discuss how to deal with Difficult People and share tips, swap stories and more for #MumsNight, Monday June 18th 8:30-9:30 pm on Twitter.

Join the linky – share you blog post about “Dealing with Difficult People”


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Recap of the Great Ideas shared at #MumsNight – Money Saving Ideas

Here is the recap of some of the great ideas shared on #MumsNight – Money Saving Ideas Twitter Party

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Next #MumsNight – Declutter My Life & Get Organized

I don’t know if you have noticed – but babies and kids not only come along with a bunch of stuff, they also frequently make messes. Dealing with children’s stuff on type of my own shifting piles of stuff isn’t always easy when there are so many things on my to-do list.

When we moved from a large apartment in the city, to a much larger house in the suburbs with attic and basement you end up filling up as much room as you have. Over the last few years – we’ve been working on downsizing and decluttering as we’ve moved back to the city and then overseas to an even larger city with smaller places to live.

So we aren’t candidates for the TV show Hoarders, but we do always seem to move a box that we haven’t unpacked from our last move…

Come join us for our next #MumsNight, Monday May 14th to share your tips, tricks, ideas and learn from other UK Mums. Come for the advice, chat or just for fun!

Declutter My Life & Get Organized

We’ll be discussing how to

  • Get yourself organized (including mental prep!)
  • Decluttering your home, car & office
  • Help the schoolweek run more smoothly
  • Sharing your tips & tricks!

We’ll be sharing tips, personal stories and tools to help you declutter, get organized and have more fun!

Please join us on Twitter from 8:30pm -9:30 pm BST Monday May 14th

Follow @TransatlantiMom and the hashtag #MumsNight to view the discussion – and be sure to add the hashtag #MumsNight to each of your tweets to join the conversation. To go along with the conversation I’ve also created a Pinterest board you can visit here:http://pinterest.com/transatlantimom/mumsnight-staycation/

Please share in the comments some of the topics/ideas you’d like covered in this #MumsNight Twitter Party.

Also – I’d like to announce the #MumsNight  Before & After – Declutter & Get Organized Project/Blog Hop!

1. On Monday, at #MumsNight  we’ll discuss some Declutter & Organization pain points and tips – and at the end of #MumsNight I will share with you, the top 3 areas of the home/life etc seemed to be the most cluttered or disorganized – and some of the tips we shared on how to improve it.

2. These 3 super decluttered/disorganized areas will be separated into groups and include the tips of how to improve them.We will choose one/all/some of these that resonate with our own situations and implement some of the tips and take before and after photos , with no pre-cleaning or touch-ups!

3. #MumsNight guests and Transatlantic Mom blog readers can  post their photos and wrote about their experience on their own blogs, then link it to TransatlanticMom.com blog on the linky below and I’ll then upload it to our Pinterest Board for #MumsNight – Declutter My Life & Get Organized Before & After Photos.



Also, be sure to grab a badge and add it to your blog to let your readers know what you’re up to!

I’ve been inspired by #MumsNight
Many of the #MumsNight guests have been inspired by some of the ideas and recommendations shared at the #MumsNight Twitter Parties and this has led to action. If you’ve blogged about something you learned or did following #MumsNight please let us now about it! We’d love to see what you’ve been up to. Inspired by #MumsNight


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#MumsNight – Tips for Traveling with Kids (+ 2 giveaways)

Shortly after I became pregnant with my first son – the OB told me, “When you have kids – travel is what you do with the kids, and vacation is what you do without.” Hideous cold unfeeling cow I thought then – now? Not so much. Now I think you marvelous insightful woman – should you not have sought a different career path, like life counselor, spiritual advisor or 0800 psychic?

I love my children I truly do and they are wonderful, thoughtful, energetic boys. Which means when it comes to travel – which we do frequently, we have to contain their energy and enthusiasm in a small crowded space. Which often can be a challenge.

With each of my sons, long distance travel started at 6 weeks of age…. and hasn’t let up from there. Throughout out journeys I’ve learned a thing or two from experience and even more from other travelling Mums and Dads. Come share your experiences with others and learn new tips about Travelling with Kids at our next #MumsNight.

As an extra special treat we’ve been given some giveaways to share with our #MumsNight guests. Because what’s good for babies – isn’t necessarily the best for older children we have two age specific giveaways featured below.

We’ll be sharing tips, personal stories and tools to help you have fun, stay safe/sane while travelling with kids.

Please join us on Twitter from 8:30pm -9:30 pm BST Monday May 7th.

Follow @TransatlantiMom and the hashtag #MumsNight to view the discussion – and be sure to add the hashtag #MumsNight to each of your tweets to join the conversation.

Giveaway for Toddler and Child Mums

Carddies are little Card People to colour in and play with for hours. Carddies are packaged in a perfect, robust card box. You can carry them everywhere! Each Carddies set has double sided little Card People and a scene to colour in, high quality Carddies colouring pencils, and plastic stands which all bring the Carddies to life – and better yet were created by Mums!

3 sets of Carddies will be given away to winners – 1 London, 1 Knights and 1 Cavemen (these will be selected randomly for the giveaway winners)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway for Mums with Babies

When travelling with babies – especially when we stayed in hotels, one of our biggest challenges was how to bathe baby while on the go – so imagine my delight when we found this FlexiBath collapsible, foldable – toss in your suitcase baby bath! Amazing.

Flexi Bath is the brainchild of Danish designers who created the first and only hard plastic children’s bath tub which you can fold up flat and put away within seconds.

Enter below for your chance to win one!

The lovely people at WhiteStep UK, creators of the Flexibath have also given us a coupon code just for our #MumsNight guests. Party goers will receive 15% off the Flexibath range, including the bath, bath toys, and brand new bath support. The code is PARTY15

Enter the giveaway below to win a FlexiBath

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(disclosure: I have in no way been compensated for these giveaways – all brands etc featured in the twitter party and giveaways are chosen by me, and the brands represented in the giveaways are providing the prizes to the winners directly with no compensation to me)

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#MumsNight – UK Breaks and Staycation Ideas

Vacations can be expensive but everybody needs a holiday right? Come join us for our next #MumsNight, Monday April 30 to share UK Breaks and Staycation Ideas and Tips!

We’ll be discussing how to

  • Great places to get away while keeping it local
  • Ideas on how to find the best prices on UK Breaks
  • Staycation ideas – incl itineraries and games to keep the kids entertained
  • Tips for travelling with kids within the UK

We’ll be sharing tips, personal stories and tools to help you have fun – get away – keep it local and save some money.

Please join us on Twitter from 8:30pm -9:30 pm BST

Follow @TransatlantiMom and the hashtag #MumsNight to view the discussion – and be sure to add the hashtag #MumsNight to each of your tweets to join the conversation. To go along with the conversation I’ve also created a Pinterest board you can visit here: http://pinterest.com/transatlantimom/mumsnight-staycation/

I’ve created a Twitter List called Visit UK which includes UK city tourist boards, festivals and more – be sure to follow it for ideas, tips and inspiration.

From that Twitter List – I’ve also created a “paper” which you can see below or visit/subscribe to at:


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#MumsNight – April 23, Spring Cleaning Hacks

I loathe cleaning, I truly do – but there are certain times when I can really get into it. Spring is one of those times! It’s the packing away of winter things, the deep clean on the house that helps me say “hello summer.” There’s something really satisfying about it – like the feel of slipping between clean sheets.

So since I really don’t like cleaning, I’m all in favor of finding ways to do it better, faster!

I’ve set up a Pinterest board just for this #Mumsnight, feel free to follow along and join us on Monday night on Twitter. Be sure to follow hashtag, #MumsNight. If you’re unsure of how to join in – here are some tips about participating in Twitter Parties and Twitter chats.


Please join us for this week’s #MumsNight discussion where we’ll be sharing tips, secrets, ideas and cleaning confessions for “Spring Cleaning Hacks.” Hopefully we’ll all come away with a few great ideas to spend less time cleaning.

Also, to make the evening even more fun we’ll be running a giveaway! I will send the winner (within the UK) a pair of Cath Kidston washing up gloves and a 20 GBP  gift card to Tesco. Feel free to use it one whatever you want, although I’d recommend cleaning supplies and gin!

I am in no way being compensated or sponsored for this post, or giveaway ( I bought it for you myself! ;0)  )



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Recap of #MumsNight Monday April 16 – Slow Cook / No Cook – Lazy Cooking Ideas (*includes recipes)

We had almost 70 people online for #MumsNight this week making it a very fun and interactive session! While the original idea was to focus on many different lazy cooking ideas – there was definitely more interest in sharing tips and ideas on slow cookers. Thanks again to @mediocre_mum for cohosting, thanks to Crock-Pot UK for providing the amazing slow cooker, and congratulations to Andy from @dadcooking2nite who won the Crock-Pot! Below you’ll find a recap of the discussion including lots of tips, tricks, recipes and more.

There were about 600 tweets during this #MumsNight so the recap below includes the highlights, if you don’t see your tweet below or thing we missed something good, please do add it to the comments section below.


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#MumsNight Monday April 16 – Slow Cook / No Cook – Lazy Cooking Ideas

(if you’re looking for some of the amazing tips and recipes shared – please visit the recap! )


Being a busy working Mum it’s often a challenge to put tasty / healthy or at the least, palatable & nutritious food on the table.  It can often be a struggle to get good food on the table quickly when we juggle so many other duties. If you feel this way you’re not alone.

Stay at home mothers put in on average 14 hours a day cooking, cleaning, and carrying out childcare (via DailyMail  and Legal & General)

  • When the work is done for seven days a week the figure comes to a total of 98.5 hours


  • The time includes an average of 29 hours a week looking after the children, seven hours doing laundry and four hours as a taxi driver.



  • A further eight hours are spent cooking and cleaning, four hours shopping, five-and-a-half hours ironing and four hours doing household chores.



  • Seven hours are spent as a story teller,  two hours as a homework tutor and  three hours as a sports coach. Other weekly jobs include first aider, stylist, sewing,  tidying up, answering phones, gardening and serving tea and snacks.



  • And four hours a week are spent washing up and one hour is spent  as a counsellor listening to children’s problems.



Of course there are tricks and tips that can help cut down the time spent in the kitchen – without compromising on taste. Whether you enjoy cooking but want to learn how to do more in less time, or don’t particularly enjoy cooking and want to learn some new tricks to lighten your load and add new dishes to your repertoire - you should join us on Monday for #MumsNight We’ll be sharing tips, personal stories and tools to help you spend less time in the kitchen – and more time enjoying yourself at the dinner table with your family. Please join us on Twitter from 8:30pm -9:30 pm BST – Monday April 16 Follow @TransatlantiMom and the hashtag #MumsNight to view the discussion – and be sure to add the hashtag #MumsNight to each of your tweets to join the conversation. This event will be hosted by myself  @TransatlantiMom and @MediocreMum who is an absolute whiz in the kitchen and SuperWoman with a slow-cooker! We hope to see you there and can’t wait to learn your tips & tricks and share a few of our own. Also – you can register to win a free Crock-Pot slow cooker, courtesy of Crock-Pot UK 1 Winner will receive a: Next Generation Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker

  • 5.7 Litre capacity – ideal for up to 6 people


  • 2 heat settings



  • Convenient keep warm function



  • Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe removable pot



  • Dishwasher safe glass lid



  • Adjustable cooking times and 20H countdown timer



  • Detachable cord



  • Recipes included



Crock-Pot Next Generation slow cooker: This sleek and contemporary model can cook delicious dinners for up to six people so is perfect for dinner parties or family suppers. It also has a digital timer that counts down the minutes as your food cooks and when the time is up, automatically reduces the heat so you’re ready to serve. For more information about Crock-Pot or for slow cooker recipes visit their Facebook Page  *I have not been paid or compensated by any brand for this post or giveaway. Any questions please ask – or feel free to visit my disclosure statement. (more…)

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#MumsNight – Following Your Dreams – full recap

This past week, the #MumsNight Twitter Party was about Following Your Dreams. It was cohosted by @TransatlantiMom and @storyofmum  each of whom have created a @storify ‘d version of the discussion which you might enjoy taking a read-thru.

First up is the whole discussion by @TransatlantiMom followed by a succinct recap by @storyofmum – organized so you get the absolute best bits! Enjoy…

by @TransatlantiMom

by @storyofmum

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