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Miffy gets modernised – the international children’s classic is updated

The kids and I were delighted to be invited for the unveiling of the new and updated version of the Miffy children’s books. Miffy has now been a published series for over 50 years and has been translated into over 50 languages.

miffy london

This will be the first time the boys can read the Miffy books for themselves, and their first copy in English (having it previously read to them in Dutch). In Dutch, Miffy is “nijntje.”

Dick Bruna, the author and illustratror, while best known for the Miffy books (32 books) actually wrote an additional 124 picture books for children many of which included rhyming verse, making it easier for kids to read and remember. I love how the Miffy books got started – like many a good idea (from a desperate parent) it started out as entertainment on a rainy seaside holiday in 1955. Dick created the sketches of the Miffy bunny character for his son and then made up stories at bedtime to go along with the sketches.

In the 1980′s the stories were translated into English from Dutch by Patricia Crampton and launched in the UK, as generations have grown up with the stories they’ve stayed the same. Is it really necessary to update the language of children’s books you ask? When I first thought about it – I thought about what would need to be updated in terms of children’s books. Would they be adding in the word of the year, “selfie”, scattering in a few references to technology and #hashtags?

I was pleasantly surprised when I read the before/after to see that the updates made it easier to read. Here’s a few examples:


miffy comparison


You can click here to see all of the old vs new comparisons of the Miffy Books.

Having read the before/after it makes me think through which other children’s classics could do with an update. Which would you have modernised from your kid’s bookshelf?

The new verse was created by children’s author and poet, Tony Mitton. Dick Brunna’s beloved stories and timeless illustrations have remained the same.

“Throughout my career as a writer of poetry and verse for children, I’ve sought to combine the language of natural speech with precise rhymes, aural texture, good scansion and metre. So to tackle such internationally known works as the Miffy books – with a brief of staying as faithful as possible to the Dutch originals – struck me as a challenge well worth taking up. I was flattered and honoured to be asked.

I find great satisfaction in problem solving and plying my verse writing as a craft – in the same way a carpenter might approach making joinery for a bespoke space. I love working intricately with the sounds, rhythms, rhymes, textures and meanings of language in verse. Working on the Miffy books gave me the opportunity to do this. There were strictures, of course. The books have a look, a format and a feel already known and loved. And Dick himself was very exact in his own original writing, so I was not allowed free rein to do as I pleased. One is using one’s skills within set parameters. In that sense it is like working as a scriptwriter rather than as a solo poet. My own children loved Dick Bruna’s books; I hope my new texts help today’s young children to enjoy them too.”

— Tony Mitton, award-winning poet who has updated the texts in the Miffy storybooks:


Miffy book for Highlight PR

The book launch event was held, (appropriately I’d say) at the Dutch Centre in London. The kids enjoyed tables full of Miffy inspired crafting – and colour your own Miffy bunny ears.

miffy crafts

miffy cuddles

After crafting, they joined in to an interactive storytime, then a reading by Tony Mitton

miffy baby

The kids then had photos with and did some dancing with a big plushie Miffy.

miffy photo  It was a great day out and fun for the kids to get immersed in a whole new Miffy experience.

The modernised Miffy books will be rolled out throghout 2014 by the publisher, Simon & Schuster, with the first 3 being available from 27th February 2014.

The new Miffy books are available from all good bookshops across the UK and online. In addition to the traditional books they are also launching a series of activity and sticker books.

Publishing schedule for the new Miffy hardback storybooks (£4.99 each):

  • 27th February: miffy, miffy at the zoo, miffy at the gallery
  • 22nd May: miffy’s birthday, miffy’s garden, miffy and the new baby
  • 11th September: miffy at school, miffy goes flying, miffy’s bicycle
  • 9th October: miffy in the snow, miffy the fairy, miffy’s dream

New Miffy Activty Books, published 27 February:

  • Miffy’s Play Date paperback sticker storybook (£6.99),
  • Miffy Dress-up colouring and sticker book (£4.99)
  • Miffy’s Day sticker, activity book (£4.99).

modern miffy


*Disclosure: we were invited to attend this free book launch event, Miffy books were provided to my children for their review, but the opinions, experiences and reviews are our own.

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Tickety Toc Toy Launch – new Tickety Toc toys fun for multiple ages

Last week we were invited to bring our family of toy testers to a Top-Secret location for some Toy Testing of the brand new Tickety Toc Toys. Tickety Toc, the popular children’s TV show on Channel 5 and Milkshake features Tommy and Tallulah Tockerty and their friends and is a favorite of “Peter Pan”, my now 5 year old.

The fun started in our household the night before the event – when we told the kids the next morning they’d get to test out the new Tickety Toc toys before anyone else, at a Top Secret location. I thought they’d never get to sleep they were buzzing with excitement. They woke us bright and early to get going.

We arrived at the Top Secret location, Hamley’s. Greeted at the door and escorted in we were each given VIP badges and sent to the 5th floor for milkshakes with the Milkshake crew Kemi and Olivia.

arriving at the Tickety Toc toy launch


The boys loved seeing some of their favorite Milkshake personalities in real life. Sipping on a milkshake at the same time made it even sweeter!

Milkshakes with Tickety Toc

After the singing and dancing and hello from a life-size Tommy and Tallulah the kids were invited to come and test drive the brand new Tickety Toc Toys. The new lineup includes: Clockhouse Playset, Musical Pufferty Train, Talking Tommy & Tallulah and soft toys of Tommy and Tallulah.

The boys were immediately drawn to the Clockhouse Playset and were completely engaged.
the boys play with the tickety toc toys

The Clockhouse Playset is much sturdier than it first appears. My boys, 5 and 7 were both able to play with it, sharing the train and tracks and interacting with the Clockhouse. It comes complete with train track and push along Pufferty train to take the Tommy & Tallulah figures back for Chime Time. It retails for just under £30. If your kids are fans of Tickety Toc and older like my boys – this would seem to be the most best pick.

tickety toc tickety toc and the boys

While the boys loved the Clockhouse playset, the baby loved the Tallulah doll. The dolls could work for many age groups, but for babies, the dolls are well made and very tactile with bright colors to draw the eyes, and soft fabrics to touch.

baby loves Tallulah

While my children did briefly play with the Pufferty Train, it seemed sturdy fun, but more suited to toddlers.

In addition to playing with the new toys, the children were also given the opportunity to engage in Tommy and Talulah crafts and story time. They loved the story time, and the Tickety Toc books were a surprising favorite, on par with the new toys.

IMG_1060We weren’t the only ones lucky enough to be invited. Other attendees included my friend Rachel from Confessions of a Stay at Home Mum, you can read her experience of the event and toys on her post Tickety Toc Toy Launch.  Emmy’s Mummy (and Harry’s too) also joined in the fun and shared her experience on her blog post Tickety Toc Toy Launch. In addition to bloggers and their families, there were also quite a few celebrity parents with their children, including Denise Van Outen, Laila Rouass and Luissa Zissman.

The event ended with cupcakes and lovely gift bag for the boys – and one mad dash down the red carpet with the kids as we tried to leave this star studded event. Whilst Denise Van Outen and family were escorted out the side door, we braved the front through this crowd – which felt like a true VIP experience. Not quite paparazzi but almost!

the crush outside Hamleys

The kids loved being VIP toy testers and enjoyed the new collection of Tickety Toc toys.

The new collection of toys are suitable for 18months+ and the range includes talking soft toys of  Tommy and Tallulah (RRP £14.99 each), a musical Pufferty Train (RRP £22.99), a Clockhouse Playset (RRP £29.99) and small Tommy and Tallulah plus toys (RRP £6.99 each).

The new collection of toys, is currently available at Argos, The Entertainer, Smyths, Amazon & all good toy shops.

For more information about Tommy and Tallulah and Tickety Toc – please visit the Tickety Toc website 


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Swimming with baby and the new Huggies Hygiene Mat

When “Captain Hook” was born we took him to baby swim class from age 4 months to 8 months. He loved it. Hubby and I would take turns going into the water with him. Funnily enough that was one place that the cultural difference of Hubs being native Belgian would appear. In baby swim class while doing activities with the kids in the water they sing nursery rhymes and baby songs – which are very different in the US vs Belgium. So he’d do the motions but not sing along because he didn’t know the words. Luckily for me, the nursery rhymes and songs in the US vs UK are very similar. I’ve been looking into getting “Tinkerbell” enrolled in a baby swim class as I thought she might enjoy it.So, when I had the opportunity to take baby “Tinkerbell” to a baby swim class last week I jumped at the chance.

baby swim classHosted by Huggies Little Swimmers, the class was led by a teacher from Water Babies, and we were joined by the UK’s most successful swimmer, Karen Pickering.

While surprised at first that the water wasn’t as warm as her bath – she quickly got over her shock and began having fun as the instructor led us through the activities.

I had just bought her very first swimsuit for an upcoming holiday ( SwimZip swimsuit, style: Daddy’s Little Girl, pictured here) and was pleased with how cute it looked and how easy it was to get on and off with the zip up rashguard. I had been a bit concerned that the swim diapers would be too bulky under the bottoms but the Huggies Little Swimmers diapers I used were perfect. They fit snugly under her suit and were easy to put on and off and didn’t inflate into a mushy mess like a normal diaper would have.

Karen Pickering also answered swimming questions and gave tips on how to do swim exercises while holding a baby. She shared that you can get a get swim workout by having the Mum lay on her back in the water, supporting herself under her back and arms with a water noodle. The child then lays on the Mum’s chest with their head out of the water. The Mum then does back strokes the length of the pool or I suppose because of the support of the noodle could hold the child and just use their legs to kick.

Here are some cute pics of Karen Pickering holding “Tinkerbell”

Karen PickeringKaren Pickering and TinkerbellBesides the Huggies Little Swimmers swim diapers, we were also introduced to one of my new favorite things – their “Hygiene Mat.” Not so great a name, but definitely a great product. What it is is a non-slip, machine washable, waterproof changing mat that folds up into one of 2 pouches, a frog or a penguin. Both are adorable, versatile and functional.

While it’s meant for changing your baby on pre/post swim – I was immediately struck with all of it’s other possible applications. My older children take swim lessons and there are never enough changing rooms available so they are standing on tip-toes or balls of their feet to avoid the floor of the dressing room as they change. I could bring this along and allow them to stand and change on it. It can be used for picnics to prevent soggy bottoms from damp grass, or even protect the car upholstery after a child gets soaked on an outing. The list goes on.

What I have been using it for in the last week since I got it is replacing 2 items from my baby bag. The changing mat, and the play blanket. This Huggies “Hygiene Mat” is now doing double duty. It’s more compact than my changing mat as you can see here:

The Huggies Hygiene Mat and my changing mat both folded  and unfolded.

photo (20)huggies hygiene mat unfoldedIn using it I’ve found these to be my favorite features:

  • compact
  • foldable
  • non-slip
  • machine washable
  • thin
  • waterproof
  • bright colors

It’s been functioning quite well as a play mat or blanket would. You can see “Tinkerbell” here playing on it at the BritMums Live conference this past weekend.

Tinkerbell at BritMums Live on the Huggies Hygiene MatI love products that do double duty. Not only has this lightened the load of my diaper bag – but it can be used by my different children, even though it’s a large age gap. I think I’ll be investing in a couple more of these as they are so handy. Yes, I was given this one for free – but I will be buying more. I think it’s one of the most practical parenting products out there right now. You can pick one up at most Boots, Tesco or other retailer near the nappies/diapers. It’s currently available (as of the date of this post) on Amazon.co.uk for £5.11 and free shipping.

This is going to go on my essentials list for travelling with baby.

*Disclosure: Huggies provided the swim diapers, hygiene mat and swim class. The opinions of the product are solely mine, and I really like it so much that I will be purchasing more.

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Mexican Food in London – Dinner at the Mexican Supper Club by Discovery Foods

Whilst Indian food might be the second national cuisine of England, the same could be said for Mexican food in America. Mexican, or even Tex-Mex  (an Americanized version of Mexican food incl Fajitas) can be found on most menus of “American” style restaurants. Salsa and guacamole are regular table condiments – and the heat from chiles are a customary addition to many a dish.

When I lived in London 10 years ago – there was absolutely no Mexican food available. I couldn’t find restaurants and stores were empty of salsa, taco mix or even tortillas. This time around – 10 years later, I’ve been delighted to find a little Mexican section in the International aisle of most large retailers. Because it’s so new here, it seems to be put together in packages so it serves as a complete set to introduce the market to.

A couple weeks back I was delighted to be invited to a dinner hosted by Discovery Foods, the chefs of Benito’s Hat and The London Foodie. The dinner was to introduce Discovery Foods line of Mexican Foods, prepared by the chefs of Benito’s Hat, a lovely Mexican restaurant in London in the supper club of Louis, The London Foodie. The event was delightful – and included both food bloggers and parenting bloggers as guests – along with hosts.


I think that by featuring the Discovery Foods ingredients in this setting was a brilliant idea . The food prepared by Benito’s Hat was amazing – and  it was a great idea to take you from the standard that you might have done at home – of tacos or fajitas and used the ingredients to take your meal to the next level. For the starter we had Taquitos Dorados de Papa con dos Quesos (a cheese and potato filled corn taco with avocado salsa) and 

the main was Tacos deCamaron (Garlic & Paprika Shrimp Tacos with Chipotle Mayonnaise)

So one of the things I’ve found having travelled a bit is that each in each country the “foreign” food gets adjusted to the local tastes. For example, in Belgium when they order Chinese food, their eggrolls are served with curry sauce! (I don’t think they even have curry in China!) The same goes for Mexican food. As a very broad generalization, I’ve found that the Mexican food I’ve had in England, have less heat or spice than their American counterparts.

When chatting with the hosts from Discovery Foods I learned that Discovery Foods sells their products throughout Europe, that while they offer the same products, Fajita kits, taco seasoning etc. the same products are spicier in the Nordics than here in England – and this is because they have a more evolved taste and palate for Mexican cuisine, having enjoyed it far longer than it’s been available or popular here in England. I found that fascinating! Who’d have thought? Well I guess the Vikings have been exploring exotic and different tastes for centuries so maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised.

At home I cook Mexican Food or incorporate the flavors into my meals at least once a week. So I was delighted to be given a selection of Discovery Foods items to try out at home. To my delight – I’ve found that their “Medium” heat Fajita stir in sauce had a deeper flavor profile and a little more heat than others I’ve tried so far here in England.

Fajita’s are one of my favorite mid-week meals to make for the family. They are quick and delicious – even quicker using the stir-in sauce from Discovery Foods. To prep you slice the chicken, onions and peppers. You can then toss them into the same fry pan and cook it until the chicken is cooked through, adding in the Discovery Foods Fajita Sauce. You can then serve it with cheese, sour cream and salsa as condiments within it’s tortilla shell. Total time from prep to table is less than 15 minutes.

I’m delighted to have been invited to this event – it’s inspired me to go visit Benito’s Hat restaurant, visit the London Foodie for one of his Supper Clubs (Japanese tasting menu here I come!) and try out more of Discovery Foods line of Mexican food products – especially since I’ve found their “Medium” to have more heat than the similarly labelled “Medium” of competitors.

Do check out the blogs posts about this event from some of the other lovely guests:

Cherapeno has captured some amazing photos of each of the courses, and even better has shared the recipe for the delicious cinnamon flavored desert, Buñuelos (Cinnamon Fritters)!

Hot and Chili also has written about the event, is sharing some great photos and close ups of the dishes and has included the recipes for most of the courses we were served including the amazing Discovery chipotle and garlic mayo sauce! Yum!


The Bottom of the Ironing Basket has shared info about the event, and as one new to Mexican cuisine her delight at how tasty and light this cuisine can be – and how easy it is to make and serve with kids at home.


The whole Discovery Foods product line, recipes and party ideas can be found here: Discovery Foods


Also be sure to check out the blog of The London Foodie to learn more about his Supper Club, and his reviews of other London Supper Clubs and restaurants.

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Winter warm-ups with Polarn O. Pyret

There’s a nip in the air and we’ve begun putting away the short sleeve shirts and breaking out the winter gear. I made the rookie parent mistake (yes I still do these) a couple weeks back of bringing my son “Peter Pan” (age 4) into the UGG store to sit with me whilst I tried on some boots. I left the store without boots – but he left his heart behind with a pair of black toddler UGGs. He then proceeded to ask me each time I opened my computer if I was ordering his boots, and every time we went past the post to ask if his boots had arrived yet. *Sigh*

Luckily while in the US recently I visited Costco and found a pair of black shearling boots that look remarkably like UGGs but costing about only 25% of UGGs which seeing as how he’ll have outgrown them in a few weeks or months is certainly a better value proposition. He calls them his “sunshine boots” as we only let him wear them when it’s not raining as they’ll stain, being made of suede.

As I’ve begun packing the summer gear away and bringing out the winter – I’ve also begun doing some shopping to stock up on layering items that always seem to magically disappear like hats, gloves, scarves – and also to look for colorful stylish clothes for the boys to wear that will keep them nice and toasty. (Hello jumpers and jackets!) We’re a fan of layers and bright colors so it’s no wonder that Polarn O. Pyret caught my eye. I love the fun colors and I’ve found their size/fit to be pretty spot on. If you haven’t heard about Polarn O.Pyret, they are a Swedish kids clothing company where the focus has been “children need clothes they can play in.” They have designed clothes that let children be children- good-looking clothes that make life easier. Clothes that can withstand wear and tear and are handed down from brother to sister. (Yes! finally a brand that understands that clothes should be rugged, long-lasting and timeless in design so they can be handed down!)

I also agree with their thoughts that children feel the cold differently. Some are constantly moving while others sit still. Finding clothes that work in both rain and freezing weather is not easy. Dressing in layers lets you add or remove clothes as the weather changes. No matter what type of child. Seeing as how I’ve got one who’s always too hot and the other that feels a little chilled. Layers are a firm favorite around our house.

Polarn O. Pyret advises the following:

  • Layer 1 / Base layer
    In really cold temperatures, a base layer in wool or polyester keeps children warm. Cotton underwear does not wick away moisture, and the wearer will feel cold. A polyester base layer is soft as silk and ideal for active children. A wool base layer is best for very cold temperatures.
  • Layer 2 / Mid layer
    A good mid layer wicks away moisture and retains body heat. If the garment does not “breathe”, body temperature will fall. Fleece and wool blends are comfortable to wear and ideal for outdoor play. Both fabrics transfer moisture and trap a layer of warm air.
  • Layer 3 / Outerwear
    Good outerwear protects against wind and rain. Children’s outerwear should also be tough enough to cope with play and adventure. This layer should be easy to open, and easy to close in wind and snow. Our outerwear has a coating that wicks away moisture and prevents water from seeping in.

“Captain Hook”s” favorite thing about his Puffa Coat – besides it being comfy and warm are the thumb-holes. I like that it has an inner sleeve that extends past the outer sleeve so it will fit under his gloves and keep the wind out of his sleeves. I also like that it has multiple reflector patches.

“Peter Pan” loves his new trousers and cardi (green denims and fairisle cardigan) – and has of course paired them with his shearling “sunshine boots.” He asked to wear this outfit for photo day at school – and has put it on for each of his new babysitters when they’ve come to visit. I like how the trousers are a nice fit without being too long, and the quality and color has held up through multiple washings.

On Monday Nov 26th – I’ll be hosting a #MumsNight about Winter Warm-ups – sharing tips on layering, ideas for keeping warm at home and on the go, money saving ideas for keeping warm, and other tips.

Polarn O. Pyret will be sponsoring that #MumsNight with a £50 Gift Card for which you can enter now! (Giveaway closes Nov 26th, 9pm)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Polarn O. Pyret provided the clothes for this review – and will be providing the gift card to the giveaway winner. All opinions are those of myself and my family – no other compensation was received. Please visit my Disclosure Policy if you have further questions.





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Abby’s Flying Fairy School – And Breakout Star Niblet!

I’ve been truly impressed with British television since arriving in the U.K. The boys and are big fans of pretty much everything on CBeebies and C5. But with all these new shows and voices, it lovely to have a friendly voice from “home” for the boys to watch too.

Abby is a  Sesame Street character – and now she’s staring in the first ever Sesame Street CG animated series:  Abby’s Flying Fairy School,  which airs on C5′s Milkshake every Sunday morning. We were sent a pre-release DVD episode 5 which is due to air on 27th May. (you can visit the show page on Milkshake here: http://milkshake.channel5.com/programmes/abbys-flying-fairy-school )

The boys were enthralled as we watched Abby and her friends Blogg and Gonnigan learn their Fairy Godmother lessons in Mrs. Sparklenose’s class at Flying Fairy School. This lesson was the “Cinderella Challenge,” to practice their Fairy Godmother Skills.  They challenge had four parts including: gown, glass slippers (aka “Fragile Footwear”), transport to the ball and home by 12.

The show itself was composed mostly of the CG view of Abby and her friends in the classroom with 1 live action segment while they looked for solutions to their challenge. If you’re familiar with Sesame Street, then you get my drift.

If I hadn’t already known it was CG I don’t think I’d have come to the realization myself, although Abby and the other characters look very three dimensional against a more 2 dimensional background. The boys were pretty enthralled and I got shushed 3x as I tried to chat with them about it.

As I watched with them, I liked the character development but must say my favorite is not one of the leads. My favorite was the class pet “gerbilcorn” Niblet, who gets tasked with the clean-up.  After watching I asked my kids what their favorite part was too and funnily enough he was their favorite part too!

So to learn more about the “gerbilcorn” we contacted Abby for a little Q & A

Tell us about your best friends, Blogg and Gonnigan.
Blogg is part troll and is super funny; he’s kind of like our class clown. He likes to dance and be silly. Sometimes he can be stubborn and won’t accept our help but he makes me laugh a lot. Except his lunches gross me out sometimes, but he’s a troll and that’s what they eat.

Gonnigan is really nice and kind of shy. Sometimes he’s so shy he disappears! He’s gentle and worries a lot but he thinks long and hard about problems to help solve them.

We love Niblet, your class pet, the “Gerbil-corn”. Can you tell us more about him? Can he do magic too?
Niblet is the cutest, cutest, cutest mix of a gerbil and unicorn! He is super little and frisky but his unicorn horn makes him extra magical. He likes to play tricks on us but he’s very cuddly and likes belly rubs.

What sort of magical creatures do you get to meet?
Oh we get to meet lots of magical creatures! One time we met a giant when Gonnigan cast a spell to make his plant grow and it turned into a beanstalk. Another time Blogg accidentally let loose some Fairy Dust Bunnies, which Mrs Sparklenose was allergic to and she kept turning into different things when she sneezed. We also met Cubby Creature! He was making our stuff disappear.

Can you tell us how you use your wand to be a helping hand?
I always use my wand to be a helping hand! When we need to solve a problem or when something goes incredibly wrong we have to use our wands to problem solve.

Can you tell us how you cast a spell?
We usually use our wands to cast a spell and the more we learn about magic and our words the more we realise how powerful they are and anything can happen.

How does twinkle thinking help you solve problems?
I learned you have to think creatively to solve problems and the best way to do this is by twinkle thinking! We look at how everything works together and try different ways to solve problems.

As a Mom watching along I thought it would be fun to give the kids a wand to wave as they’d watched – it would seem more interactive that way and I think they’d like it. I was a bit surprised by some of the jokes or one-liners that were above their head like “I’m not wearing laces with a gown that would be a fashion faux pas.” or ” Oh I love the way these shoes make my calves look.” not because they were offensive, but they fell a little flat, the sailed over the kids head, being meant for adults and fell a little flat with me. All in all though, I enjoyed the show and we’ll be tuning in for more.

I knew the show was a winner in our house – when I got shushed and the boys asked to watch it again, … and again.. and yep again.

Check it out on C5 Milkshake and let me know what you think. The episode we saw airs May 27th, that’s tomorrow!


{Disclosure: I was in no way compensated for this post, I was however sent a pre-release of this episode to view, and a large Q&A, from which I’ve shared a portion}


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Spring cleaning my dirty dirty twitter account

Ok, so there’s snow in London – that must mean it’s time for some spring cleaning! Erm, right. Anyways. …

Looking over my Twitter account I decided there were some random accounts without profile pics, had way to much love for Justin Bieber or used heart symbols way too often for my comfort level. It was time for some spring cleaning! A little grooming is not a bad thing – so I looked around and tried out a few Twitter profile cleaning tools. By far, my favorite was Manage Flitter. I used their free service and it was by far the easiest and most intuitive to use and easily helped me clean up my account and would have helped me follow more people should I have been so inclined.

I first sorted out the people who hadn’t yet updated their profile picture (that’s like the first thing a real person does, am I right?) It identified 54 people whom I had been following who didn’t have a profile image. I selected all of them to delete but had to pause on one, @mommykikka – that tweet made me pause you know, and wonder a little bit more about this mommy and her spunky bows account…. I began to wonder about the words spunky and bows – their connotations and denotations and then their relationship when placed together…

AND… unfollow and delete.

Right, so then it was time to clean out old or expired accounts. The ones people hadn’t used in a while. I was thinking this might have been like 3 months, 4 months – I know how it is, you get busy with life/family/job etc. I was really surprised to see some accounts had been truly abandoned. I mean come on, are you really going to come back after 3 years? Especially you @couponsavinggal – you were last looking for deal saving sites, I hope your 3 year absence means you’ve won the Lottery.

All in all – I’m glad I tried this tool and do recommend it if you’d like to do some cleanup of your tweeple. Have you tried a Twitter cleaner or Twitter tool that’s worth taking for a spin? Please do share!


{disclosure notice: I did not receive any compensation or products/services for mentioning my use of Manage Flitter}

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