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I have a sneaking suspicion my kids are better eaters than they let on…

So, when my oldest was first eating solids – he wouldn’t eat any meat or traditional American kid food like hot dogs, chicken nuggets etc. His favorites were

  • lentils and brown rice with garam masala
  • black bean burgers
  • Ethiopian food
  • anything with garlic

It was often a struggle to get him to eat much when visiting relatives who also had kids as he definitely did not want to eat what they were having.

When my second son came along – he would anything, as long as it was on my plate, not his.

Now that they are old enough and articulate enough to give detailed food requests – I’ve been frustrated that foods they loved yesterday they turn their nose up to. For example, last week I made them Cheese Quesadilas without chicken, they cried because there was no chicken and wouldn’t eat it. So, the next day I made them Chicken & Cheese Quesadilas and they wouldn’t eat it because it had chicken in it, and still wouldn’t eat it after I removed the chicken. *Sigh*

Lately we’ve been laying down the law of this is what we made for dinner, eat it or don’t but we’re not making you anything else, and no you can’t have a {cookie, apple, yogurt, orange, ice-cream, banan, crisps or whatever other million things you ask for}

At the same time though I feel really bad if they go to bed hungry. When they pipe up just before bedtime that they are starving…. (having not eaten their dinner) I again offer them their plate of dinner. When that’s turned down – I say if you are truly that hungry you can have bread and water. In one sense it feels totally hardcore for me to say that – I come from a big family where it seems like it’s your familial duty to stuff others with delicious foods – at all times. It goes against the grain for me to say/do that. On the other hand, I feel guilty because I feel like I’m caving, giving in to their getting away with not eating what I cooked for them – a delicious well balanced dinner.

We’ve asked our older son “What do you do when they serve something you don’t like at school.” And he told us he eats it, or else he’d be hungry… Hmmm.. I wasn’t sure how they were working that out until I was at the school recently for a recent Parents evening and spotted the school menu.

Judging from the photo below – I’m pretty sure – my son eats better than I do during the day.

How do you deal with picky eaters? How do you deal with the “I’m starving!” at bedtime?

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Mums Night Mondays: hashtag #MumsNight

So I’ve been thinking a lot this week about Mums. They work so hard in the UK and are vastly under appreciated. This week there were several studies released, the first about how many parents in the UK are now paying more on daycare than they are on Mortgage/Rent and the the other about how there is a new trend in “Micro Maternity Leave.” Or, leave that’s less than the 6,9,12 months of times past. What shocked me most wasn’t the articles themselves – but the comments. Basically tearing apart the mothers for whatever parenting decision they’d made from choice and or necessity.

It’s never easy being a Mum, no matter your country or community sentiment – thats why I thought it might be a welcome treat to celebrate Mums as they are – on their own time, in their own space (after the kids are in bed) to recognize the wonderful things they do do, and to celebrate them!

Each week on Twitter, we’ll be featuring a different host to share content – tips- info to help make Mums more lovely/relaxed/comfortable/beautiful/organized than ever!

Just follow hashtag #MumsNight and the hostess @TransatlantiMom each Monday from 8:30-9:30 to participate in the fun!

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Tattooed Tuesday – an amazing interview with the fabulous Tattooed Mummy!

So upon my arrival in the US I started connecting with some other bloggers via Twitter. One of the funniest, and most welcoming was Tattoed Mummy . You should all follow her on Twitter. Right Now. No seriously go now —->>> Follow Tattooed Mummy on Twitter and add her blog, http://tattooedmummy.blogspot.com/ to your blog reader,   I’ll wait for you…

I was so delighted when she agreed to do a a behind the blog interview for me me….

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? …..I am (or try to be) very private and secretive online. partly due to just not wanting or needing everyone to know who I am and partly fear of identity theft and stalkers! That said, I’m a 46 yo mum of one, a daughter of 12. I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth (a neuropathy thing) My husband is 20 years my senior, he is retired and is DDs main carer. I work full time. We have a dog – we had two but one died last year. I like chatting on twitter, drinking wine, reading books, eating stuff with chillies in, vampires and sleeping.

2. What would you consider your superpower to be? (or which would you like if you could have one)I can make new people, I think that’s super enough, I can make milk and keep small people alive too! (I am awesome)

3. How did you first start blogging? I started blogging when blogging was still pretty new and was really used by most people like FaceBook (which i loathe) is now, for a diary and letting people know what you are up to. I used mine as a diary for me really, a place to mumble.

4. Did you have a goal when you started? Do you now? My goal was the same then as it is now, to use my blog as a space to rant. no more no less. (although secretly i like it if it helps people too)

5. What is your writing process? Do you follow a regular routine? I ramble. There is no routine, I write as I think, a stream of conciousness.

6. What are the most important elements of good writing? According to you, what tools are must-haves for bloggers? Bloggers need a blog and a brain and the ability to string a sentence together, that’s it

7. What motivates you to write? Anger usually

8. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?I don’t blog! haha I have no fear of leaving my blog for days even weeks if I have nothing worth saying. Why blog for the sake of it?

9. What do you find most challenging about blogging about your topic? Nothing as I don’t have a topic, I blog about anythng and everything. Stuff that effects, amuses or angers me, whatever

10. How would (someone) describe your blogging style? random, weird, peculiar and (I hope) funny

11. What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog? Work and be a mum and a wife and a dog walker

12. What networking do you do that you feel helps your blog? I use twitter to tell people when i post something, I have over 2000 followers on twitter so it helps to get a few readers

13. How do you keep coming up with material/content for your blog? again, anger. I’m usually full of rage

14. What would you prioritize? Content? SEO? Traffic? Readers? It’s about me and my anger first, readers second…the other stuff? not fussed

15. What’s the best thing a blogger can give to their readers? 5 minutes of escapism, a laugh, or useful tips

16. A lot of people are interested in blogging for the money earning potential. What are some tips for people interesting in making money from blogging? What are some realistic expectations in regards to what can be made? – I have no interest in blogging for money – not sure I’d turn down a salaried blogging position, but my blog is for fun

17. What has been your strategy for creating visibility to yourself and your blog? Sadly I don’t have one.

18. Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post. Name yours and why? http://tattooedmummy.blogspot.com/2010/09/how-old-is-too-old-or-sniff-it-and-see.html that’s my fave, although Juicy Juicy Breasts comes a close second, because I think they are sensible, useful but still witty. Worst? hmm one of the stupi short ones where I apologise for not blogging for ages, i need to stop doing that

19. What’s your take on sponsored reviews?best read the rant i wrote on the subject here http://tattooedmummy.blogspot.com/2011/10/one-where-i-rant-bit-about-reviews.html

20. Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why? I have a blog roll on my site – most bloggers I like are either like me or totally not like me!

21. If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest? Just do it – do not worry about rules, be yourself.

22. How do you feel about the term “Mummy Blogger” I loathe it. I’m not a “white blogger”, or a “in her 40s blogger” or a “disabled blogger” or a “grey haired blogger” or a “married blogger” why should i be a mummy blogger? I’m a person that blogs, I’m a wife and mother, a worker, a dog owner, I have a tattoo, I have Charco-Marie-Tooth, I’m middle class (haha) I am not one thing!

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Octopus Cupcake Anyone?

I love Pinterest – I look at one item and it leads me to another even more interesting than the last. So, when Moors Mummy sent out the invite for a Cupcake themed Pinterest Party, how could I resist? So, on my Pinterest account, I’ve created a new on my Pinterest profile  called Pinterest Party, to play along.

Even before Pinterest – we were a bit cupcake mad in this house. Our boys even request the cupcake cookbooks we have to be read as bedtime stories. How sweet! (Darn difficult to make recipes entertaining while read aloud though)

I love cupcakes but am sometimes overwhelmed by all of the sweet frosting – so I decided to delve into the salty world of savory cupcakes. And lo and behold – I found one of the most gruesomely fascinating cupcakes – dragged up from the depths of Pinterest (and the sea!)

Introducing my entry for the Moors Mummy Pinterest Pinning Party… (drumroll please…..)

Click here now to see my entry now on Pinterest —->>>> Moombahpus !  (aka octopus cupcake)

This photo was pinned to Pinterest by washingtoncitypaper.com

The cupcake itself is a creation of Jesse Tittsworth, and baker Mona Wilson, of It’s a Cupcake.

When I first saw the image I thought – wow, amazing, what wonderful craftmanship – that must have taken hours to get it so lifelike. That was until I watched the movie clip of how it was made.

It is in fact a real whole (tiny) octopus on that cupcake! And before you ask, yes, it’s been cooked.

Mona Wilson’s Moombahpus Cupcake from Jesse Tittsworth on Vimeo.


So would you could you eat an Moombahpus Cupcake? Or is this type of octupus cupcake more to your liking?

Posted on Pinterest by Kitschy Cupcakes originally via Flickr

I can’t wait to see what the other’s in this Pinterest Party that Moors Mummy is hosting.





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Getting crafty (and cheap) for Valentine’s Day

So, not ready to splash out for Valentine’s Day or looking for unique (and cheap) ideas for yourself and the kiddos? Well, you’re in luck. While I’m not a creative genius – I know people who are and they have some brilliant ideas to share with you this year.

To take care of those pesky kiddy card exchanges – let me present Valentine’s Day card printables! Ta-dah!


Source: therubberpunkin.blogspot.com via Jackie on Pinterest

Source: mufninc.blogspot.com via Jackie on Pinterest

Source: hellolucky.com via Jackie on Pinterest

And for adults… Martha Stewart has some printables for you too!

Source: marthastewart.com via Jackie on Pinterest

Source: dailysuze.com via Jackie on Pinterest

And should you consider throwing a Valentine’s party -here are some super cute owl themed Valentine’s printables to get you started…

Source: myowlbarn.com via Jackie on Pinterest

And last but not least – my very favorite cheap gift idea for the holiday…. (drum-roll please….) is paint-chip bookmarks

Source: Uploaded by user via Jackie on Pinterest

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Twitter names

Sooo…. I was trying to change my twitter username to a new one to match my blog.

Unfortunately TransatlanticMom is 1 character too long, so it made it TransatlanticMo

Well I don’t want to be a “mo” so then I was trying other variations on the theme, but somehow they just didn’t look right, for example

TAmom and TAmum conjures up tits & a*$ mom – definitely not a handle I’d like on Twitter. Then I thought,

USUKmom – then realized it said “you suck mom.” Pfff. TransMom – nope!


Darn you Twitter and everyone who has taken any non-dirty relevant name.

Out of desparation I tried one of those username generators.  I put in Transatlantic Mom, I got back: Loser-tastic Emo 


Major Fail

Ohhhh ok I got it  TransatlantiMom   – it’s only missing a “c” and isn’t dirty. Yay!

Have now updated my online profile and notified my tweeple.



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Why Transatlantic – Why not Expat?

It’s funny even though I live in the UK and have American and Belgian nationality I don’t feel like an Expat. When I think of Expat I think of compounds of Americans in foreign countries – living outside or next the general native populace. It also feels to me like with Expat there is an expectation that you’ll be returning to your place of origin within a short time.

So what are you if you aren’t native – go back and forth and have no plans for repatriation? What if you feel like a local because the places you live (in the US and UK) are multicultural cities – so in a sense they don’t feel all that different as far as the daily life, restaurants and attractions available.

For me – I think it makes me Transatlantic.


So how does the dictionary define transatlantic?

trans·at·lan·tic (trnst-lntk, trnz-)


1. Situated on or coming from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
2. Spanning or crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

I live on an Island in the Atlantic

I lived in the US, then the UK, then back to the US and now again back in the UK (with multiple stops in Belgium in-between)

I cross the Atlantic regularly for work, family and fun

Um yep, check, check and check – I guess I’m a Transatlantic Mom then.

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