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Have boys? Read this now and prepare for your MIL pre-nup

So having boys seems to be different from having girls – we don’t bond over clothes, shoes or boys (generally) and can’t quite jive over the Disney Princess thing (um ok) or Justin Bieber (never!). But that being the case, Mothers and Sons do have a special bond – which as one Blogess, Jenny Isenman goes into detail over in the Huffington Post (if you have a boy you must read this!!!)

For those of us Mums who are afraid of what will happen when our boys get married and move away – I’m sure you’ll be glad to have this Mother In Law Pre-nuptual Agreement

This is a MIL-nup, and it goes like this:

    • I will compliment my mother-in-law’s (MIL’s) cooking, her decorating, and, most importantly, the incredible way she raised her son, my husband.
    • I will marvel at my MIL’s beauty and miraculously never-aging skin every time I see her.
    • I will acknowledge that my MIL’s son is on loan to me so that we can make grandbabies, which will probably look like her and have her wonderful traits, which I will mention in conversation frequently and with great fervor.
    • I will remind my husband to call my MIL daily, saying, “Have you told your mother you love her today? You should, she rocks.” Plus, I will throw in phrases like this:
        • “That amazing woman raised you! You should call and thank her… again.”
        • “You can truly never thank her enough.”
        • “Let’s go over and thank her in person.”
        • “We should bring her a gift when we go.”
        • “She’s so deserving of gifts.”
        • “Let’s take her on vacation with us.”
        • “And get her another gift.”
        • “Maybe a beautiful locket with pictures of you and our children.”
      • “No, I don’t need to be in the pictures; she didn’t raise me… unfortunately.”
    • I will tell other women that their mothers-in-law are not as fabulous as mine, and I shall be willing to throw down in the event that said women disagree.
    • I will take my MIL to her weekly hair salon appointment and shopping at Loehmann’s, when it is deemed necessary by age.
    • I will spend all holidays with my husband’s family, because they are so awesome and gracious, and I realize how much mine sucks by comparison.

And lastly:

    • I will move to be near my MIL, whether she has retired to Century Village in Florida, decides to live in a nudist colony in Arizona, or goes bat-s**t crazy and moves to Alaska for the fresh sushi. She is so wise and wonderful that I’m sure her choice of habitat will suit me and my husband perfectly!

Oh, and:

  • My MIL can so live with me and my husband when she’s old and can’t remember who I am.

There. You can print this to be signed when the inevitable happens. I just saved you from losing your sweet, sweet boy. You’re welcome.

 So what do you think? Is there anything you’d like to add?

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  1. My teenage boy had his first girl friend last summer and I was quite lucky because she was just lovely. Hopefully this is a good sign, so when the teenage boy does pick someone to be his wife, she will follow the above rules.
    Catherine Burden recently posted..My husband’s hobbiesMy Profile

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