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About #MumsNight (including, what, when, where etc)

What do we chat about at #MumsNight (topics, themes and upcoming calendar)

I’ve attended #MumsNight

I’ve been inspired by #MumsNight

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About #MumsNight

#MumsNight is the weekly Twitter Party that happens with UK Mums every Monday on Twitter from 8:30-9:30 pm.

Each week has a theme – and we share tips, ideas, guides and conversation about each theme. Frequently we also have guest experts and relevant giveaways.

The Twitter hashtag for the event is #MumsNight

Once you are on Twitter, do a search on the hashtags #MumsNight and @TransatlantiMom to join the chat or follow the chat and tweet using Tweetgrid.

#MumsNight was created by @TransatlantiMom as a way to give ideas, fun and support to other UK Mums (read the rant that started it here)

What do we chat about at #MumsNight

Each week, more and more Mums have joined in the fun!

Topics so far have included:

  • Eating for Energy
  • Free Makeover Tips
  • Chocolate Indulgence
  • Following your Dreams
  • Slow-Cook / No-Cook, lazy cooking ideas
  • Spring Cleaning Hacks
  • UK Breaks & Staycation Ideas

After the #MumsNight Twitter party we frequently post a recap of the conversation, and the links/ideas shared.

The future topics editorial calendar is posted here :

#MumsNight Calendar
6/11/2012 Stock your Pantry
6/18/2012 Dealing with difficult people
6/25/2012 Fitting in more me time
7/2/2012 Baking secrets
7/9/2012 Party Ideas
7/16/2012 Parenting Secrets
7/23/2012 Playtime & Games
7/30/2012 Summer wardrobe makeover
8/6/2012 Duct tape and glue guns – amazing inventions
8/13/2012 Beach Tips for Mums & Beach Books
8/20/2012 Back to School Tips for Mums
8/27/2012 Mummy Mixology & Wine (tasting & secrets)
9/3/2012 Slow cooking
9/10/2012 Manners
9/17/2012 Tablescapes

I’ve attended #MumsNight

If you’ve participated in #MumsNight or support the cause – please wear and share this blog badge! The more Mums we have join the conversation, the merrier!
If you put it on your blog – please share a link here on the linky below so other #MumsNight guests can stop by your blog and say hello. (It’s a blog hop!)

I’ve been inspired by #MumsNight
Many of the #MumsNight guests have been inspired by some of the ideas and recommendations shared at the #MumsNight Twitter Parties and this has led to action. If you’ve blogged about something you learned or did following #MumsNight please let us now about it! We’d love to see what you’ve been up to.

Inspired by #MumsNight

Step 1. Grab the blog badge below and add it to the blog post which features your #MumsNight inspired idea.

Step 2. Then share your inspired and badged post in the Blog Hop! Linky below. 

If you have a great idea for an upcoming #MumsNight please let us know!  Add the #MumsNight topic, as well as your blog info. (such as Chocolate Indulgence / TransatlanticMom.com )


I have an idea for #MumsNight 

Do you have a great idea or info to share? Let us know.

Transatlantic Mom is open to hearing from subject matter experts, Mums, Dads, and brands interested in providing giveaways, tips and ideas for most #MumsNight Twitter parties. Transatlantic Mom, and the #MumsNight Twitter Party guests are grateful for the giveaway prizes, coupons, and discounts that brands and sponsors provide in conjunction with #MumsNight Twitter parties.

Should a brand provide giveaways, or sponsorship during the parties, or provide tips, techniques, expert advice, and information on party topics – all such sponsored content will be fully disclosed to the #MumsNight guests.



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