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MIA and back again..

exhausted womanSo I was MIA for a bit. As you may already know I’m a full time working Mom, with a demanding job and even more demanding children and hubs :0)

On a normal week I do about 65 hours of work in my office and some in the evenings from home – and then shuttle the kids around, do the cooking etc and try and squeeze in some time for blogging and perhaps a moment for myself.

Once I reached the 3rd trimester – it was all I could do to just stay awake and make it through my workday before returning home. Crazily enough – my work got even busier then and I was doing 70+hr weeks. Something had to give and in this case it was my weekly Monday Twitter Party “MumsNight” and my blog posting. It didn’t happen, the guilt mounted – but all I could do was work, eat and sleep as baby girl got bigger in my belly, preparing for her arrival.

So I’m back – and on Maternity Leave. I thought having the baby would slow me down a bit. Get into her rythm, get some sleep, but nope, somehow even without a full day in the office I seem to be just as busy, but I feel that I’ll be able to squeeze in my blogging. So bear with me as I get back in the swing of things.


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