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Moving is no fun

For the most part – moving is never fun. We seem to be on a 2-4 year cycle, moving within cities, across state lines and even across the pond. None of my moves have ever been as crazy as this one.  Seriously. I feel like I’ve really caught a case of the crazies with this move.

A few months back a little over halfway of our multi-year lease, our babysitter and youngest son were surprised when realtors showed up in our living room. No notice – and they didn’t even knock on the door. It turns our our landlord was interested in selling but told no one the place was already tenanted so they just took the keys and waltzed right in – much to our surprise. Needless to say I wasn’t happy about that – and we decided that rather than go through weeks/months of showing and being on their timetable regarding when we’d move it would be better to find a new place and give notice on our own terms and schedule.

So we spent weeks trying to find the perfect place, and we finally did. We paid the first month’s rent and 6 weeks deposit and gave notice on our existing flat and spent the next 2 months getting ready for the big move. Until that is a few weeks before we were supposed to move, and our new place was supposed to be empty …. when it turned out the last tenants hadn’t left and it appeared they’d not be leaving for some time.

Suddenly the Property Mgr and Landlord were embroiled in legal action trying to get them removed – and we were left in limbo, having to move out of our place, but unable to move into the one we’d already paid for since the tenants were still in it! The tenants wouldn’t take the calls of the landlord or property mgr, and we were told then that it could take up to 6 months for the legal process to go through with getting them out.

On the advice of the Property Mgr we were advised to take a 1 yr lease with 6 month break clause on a place nearby – so that we wouldn’t be homeless, and could then move into our place after 6 months when it was available.  So we went for that, getting a place that’s about 600 sq ft and on a noisy street as a temporary measure so we could move into the one we were supposed to later, or if it was still not available then have to find a better long term solution.

On this past Friday we moved into the temporary flat – and much to our horror, the tenants finally moved out of our flat we’d been supposed to have. Now here we are. In this flat that was supposed to be a temporary measure and our dream flat is already available. *Sigh*

So now we’ve spoken to the Property Mgr etc – and have found it would cost thousands of pounds to buy our way out of our current “temporary” place to get into the flat we were supposed to have. But, seeing as how that was only for 2yrs anyway that hardly seems worth it…. what a mess.

The fault for most of this falls at the door of the property company – through the process the three people we’ve worked with have all either left the company or gone on extended leave. I think next time we’ll try and find a property being let directly by the owner.

The one positive thing that came out of this move was that I used an online service to find a moving company. I originally posted the job on Shiply and and Anyvan and ultimately chose a firm through Anyvan and was very happy with their service and would use again.



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