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Mums Night Mondays: hashtag #MumsNight

So I’ve been thinking a lot this week about Mums. They work so hard in the UK and are vastly under appreciated. This week there were several studies released, the first about how many parents in the UK are now paying more on daycare than they are on Mortgage/Rent and the the other about how there is a new trend in “Micro Maternity Leave.” Or, leave that’s less than the 6,9,12 months of times past. What shocked me most wasn’t the articles themselves – but the comments. Basically tearing apart the mothers for whatever parenting decision they’d made from choice and or necessity.

It’s never easy being a Mum, no matter your country or community sentiment – thats why I thought it might be a welcome treat to celebrate Mums as they are – on their own time, in their own space (after the kids are in bed) to recognize the wonderful things they do do, and to celebrate them!

Each week on Twitter, we’ll be featuring a different host to share content – tips- info to help make Mums more lovely/relaxed/comfortable/beautiful/organized than ever!

Just follow hashtag #MumsNight and the hostess @TransatlantiMom each Monday from 8:30-9:30 to participate in the fun!

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