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My boys are Set4Sport

We were fortunate enough to be invited to participate in some fun and games with Set4Sport by Judy Murray. It was one of those days where the boys didn’t want to go/do/be anything but contrary. But as soon as we got the boys to the event and playing games – it was tough to tear them away! Before attending the event, I didn’t really know much about Set4Sport, other than that they had an iphone App.

I was intrigued to learn that Set4Sport is inspired by games that Judy Murray played with sons Jamie & Andy when they were young which help develop the skills needed for playing sport. It didn’t really make sense until we got the boys playing the different games in rotation.
With hubs accompanying us we entered the venue and saw lots of different stations set up, and the boys were given some free time to play while we waited to join some of the rotation areas. When hubs saw kids batting balls with biscuit tin lids, and running from pillows to cardboard boxes – he whispered to me, “this is a really nice venue, I guess they spent all the money on that instead of equipment.” Oh hubs… Set4Sport,  is all about playing games and having fun in a family environment, using everyday household objects as equipment. Once that was explained – he was pleasantly surprised and a bit relieved.

On one of the first rotations we played “Tidy Your Room” in which the children were timed with a stopwatch and had to put items back in the box from where they rested atop pillows that were arranged in a spoke -like pattern around the box. The boys loved it and I swear it’s the fastest I think I’ve ever seen them tidy anything. (Note to self – must invest in a stopwatch for home tidying by the boys!). We were told by the coach of that game that it’s similar to drills that athletes practice.
After some one-on-one coaching with Judy, who was warm and lovely I began to see the boys skills develop and their confidence in their abilities grow. While it was a very short amount of time I could really see how practicing at home could lead to a significant impact in sporty skills and dexterity.

One of the most interesting games they played involved jumping over the sharks (2 jumpropes on the floor with stuffed animal sharks laying about) and once they completed their jump, we’d throw a ball at them they’d have to catch and throw back. The throw back evolved – first to us, then to a specific target, then returning it by way of a racket. The coach shared that when you have to return or aim a ball you’re often in movement – not just standing still so this helps develop those move – catch- aim- throw/respond skills.
We’ve begun incorporating some of the games from the event and accompanying book and app into our home play time – and let’s see – maybe we’re raising some future sports stars!
Set4Sport is a programme inspired by Judy’s years of experience as a tennis coach and parent. The programme, brought to life in a book,( and an App) showcases easy and accessible ways for parents to play with their children that helps develop the skills required for playing sport in later life.All the exercises are available in a free book or to download from www.set4sport.com, please visit the site, or their Facebook Page  for more details.
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Getting Active, doesn’t necessarily take a lot of space. And it doesn’t necessarily take a lot of equipment. Simple things from around the home will help you.
If you’d like to win a free copy of the book – I have 3 copies to share. (Yes the books are also free on the website, http://www.set4sport.com/ however you’d still have to pay the 1.46 shipping so you might as well enter to win and see if you get lucky here and I’ll ship them to you at my cost :0) )

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Disclosure – I along with my husband and 2 sons were invited to participate at this event, which included lunch and entry to the London Zoo, where the event took place. While I was provided with this event/experience my views and review are those of mine and my family.
Find out more about Set4Sport on their Facebook page and join in on the Wall of Play!
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