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Re-introducing my cast of characters…

So as I’ve been blogging the last few years and having posts which include references to my kids – what to call them has varied. I’ve called them my son and named their ages, or referred to them as eldest or youngest, and very occasionally by the first letter of their name. I’ve found it can be a bit confusing and lacks consistency and as our cast of characters is expanding (we’re currently expecting #3) I need to come up with something I’m good with calling them. I don’t call them by their full names even though I include their photos in…

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So a few weeks back the boys saw the movie trailer for Frankweenie and found it a bit scary. I thought the movie looked like fun and not as scary as my eldest son seemed to find it (he also thought Nigel the bird from Rio was terrifying – but is good with all the Harry Potter films, go figure). In any case the boys love any opportunity to go to the movie theatre and especially see 3D movies so we prepped by watching a few more trailers and the boys were excited (if a bit apprehensive still.) We arrived to…

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My boys are Set4Sport

We were fortunate enough to be invited to participate in some fun and games with Set4Sport by Judy Murray. It was one of those days where the boys didn’t want to go/do/be anything but contrary. But as soon as we got the boys to the event and playing games – it was tough to tear them away! Before attending the event, I didn’t really know much about Set4Sport, other than that they had an iphone App. I was intrigued to learn that Set4Sport is inspired by games that Judy Murray played with sons Jamie & Andy when they were young…

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#MumsNight – Slow-Cooker Back to School Weeknight Meals

The kids are back in school – and sure they are gone during the day but you’re just as busy – if not more so – than ever! Come join us for #MumsNight Monday Oct 8th as we discuss “Slow-Cooker, Back to School Weeknight Meals.” We’ll be sharing Slow Cooker tips, recipes and more! Plus, you can enter now to win a Crock-Pot! We’ll be sharing tips, personal stories and tools to help you spend less time in the kitchen – and be less stressed by the weeknight! Please join us on Twitter from 8:30pm -9:30 pm BST – Monday…

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Cinema for Kids (and how I got the fear)

Going to the movies has always been a special treat for my boys. When I was pregnant with my eldest son “J” – my husband and I went on a BabyMoon and while vacationing went and saw “Walk the Line.” Normally calm with occasional kicks, the baby in my belly would start kicking like crazy whenever one of the Johnny Cash songs in the film would play. My eldest son actually got to watch his first film (one of the XMen movies) at about 2 weeks when we went to one of those Mommy & Baby movie screenings. Since moving to London…

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Pregnant and Passive Agressive, Undeground – What do you think of the “Baby on Board” badges?

So the bump and I commute to work daily by tube. For any of you who’ve jammed yourself into the tube during rush-hour you’re aware of what it’s like. For those of you who drive to work or have never taken the London Underground, it’s a hot, steamy smelly metal tube so full of people you don’t need to hold on to anything as the carriage sways because you’re propped up in some stranger’s armpit. Seats on the tube are always a hot commodity, seats on the end of the row even more so. People like them because you have…

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Beaufort House in Chelsea… Our local with kids

For some time, Beaufort House in Chelsea has been our go-to place when going out to eat with the kids. Their Brasserie is a large open room, tastefully decorated – and most importantly ringed with booth seats.Parents who are reading this – I think you’ll fully appreciate the strategic advantage of this. We put the boys in the middle, and my husband and I sit at the ends so there is no escape! Fortunately the kids love eating there as well. We’re always warmly welcomed by the staff, while there are less kids there at dinner, other families have surely…

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My failures as the Toothfairy…

My failures as the Toothfairy are numerous. In fact I should probably be banned from the job in the future. Seeing as how I’ve pretty much struck out repeatedly with my eldest son – and I have 2 more kids to follow in his footsteps, I should just hang up my wings now and call it a day. When he lost his first tooth (bottom center-ish) I was out of town on business. He skyped me to show me the missing tooth, and tell me the story about how it came out while he was eating an apple at the…

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I’m Pregnant across the pond – and yep it’s different than in the US

So we’re officially expecting baby #3. I’m due in February and while we don’t know whether we’re expecting a girl or boy yet – my sons are pretty convinced it’s going to be a girl. In fact, that’s what they tell EVERYONE.  We’ll see in a few weeks.  (It’s soooo unfair that the gender scan is 16-18 wks in the US but 20 weeks here in the UK, it’s not like they grow faster in the US!!) So, there are many differences I’ve found in being pregnant in the UK as compared to the US. Some good, some not so…

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Half a year of #MumsNight

Can you believe we’ve had almost half a year of #MumsNight ?  It’s been great having all of the participation – people sharing their tips and advice on how to make a Mum’s life easier – and better. So far we’ve covered: Eating for Energy Free Makeover Tips Chocolate Indulgence Following your dreams Slow cook – no cook (lazy cooking ideas) Spring  cleaning hacks – giving you more time for you! UK Breaks & Staycation Ideas Tips for Travelling with Kids Declutter My Life & Get Organized Money Saving Mums Stock your Pantry Dealing with difficult people Fitting in more… Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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