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A Royal Education – have you prepared your child?

Regarding Prince Harry I think we should be less concerned he was naked and more concerned about what a bad pool player he must be — Transatlantic Mom (@TransatlantiMom) August 23, 2012 What’s really struck me in all this furor over nakey pics of Prince Harry isn’t the fact he’s naked, or caught on camera while being so – it’s that he clearly lost at the game of strip-pool and lost badly. (he’s not even got any socks left!) As a Mother – it behooves us to prepare our children for life. Whether it’s providing a good education so they…

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My first (and hopefully last) experience as a Hospital “Mum”

Yesterday I spent the day with my son in hospital while he had surgery. While everything turned out ok – the experience itself was not one I’d like to repeat. Sitting there waiting for the surgery, then waiting for my son to be returned to me safe and sound and then sitting through the hours of recovery time I had plenty of time to reflect and count our blessings. As a parent I think there isn’t anything harder than watching your child suffer. Since he was a few months old, our eldest DS (age 6) has had chronic ear infections.…

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Tips for taking the Eurostar with kids

When we lived in the US in Chicago, we’d regularly go visit my family in Michigan. Most of the time we’d take the car but sometimes the train. Now that we live in London, we regularly visit my in-laws in Belgium and take the train too. While we live in London and they in Antwerp, it’s faster for us to go visit them by train than the similar trip back in the US. We take the Eurostar from London to Brussels and then from Brussels either we take an intercity train to Antwerp or we get picked up by car.…

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BritMums Live Conference Report

So here I go with my belated post on BritMums Live – a UK Conference for Mum Bloggers, based around the BritMums Community. While I’m not a regular contributor to the community – I am a big fan (or sucker) for Blogger Conferences and it was a great opportunity to meet some of my new online Blog and Twitter friends from the UK. The conference started on a Friday afternoon and continued through Saturday. I found it kind of an awkward time as I had to take time off work to make it there as it started mid-afternoon. I’d have…

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Moving is no fun

For the most part – moving is never fun. We seem to be on a 2-4 year cycle, moving within cities, across state lines and even across the pond. None of my moves have ever been as crazy as this one.  Seriously. I feel like I’ve really caught a case of the crazies with this move. A few months back a little over halfway of our multi-year lease, our babysitter and youngest son were surprised when realtors showed up in our living room. No notice – and they didn’t even knock on the door. It turns our our landlord was…

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A whole lotta why……

I was tagged by another expat, Erin aka @SilentBeauty aka American Mom in England (that’s a whole lot of aka’s I know!) to take part in a “Why” meme. She was tagged by Very Bored in Catalunya and now it’s my turn to let you know all the why why why’s… filling up my brain. But it’s not just any why’s. apparently, there are rules: 1. Post your whys – as few or as many as you like. 2. Link up your post at Mummy Central & leave a comment here too. 3. Tag 5 bloggers to keep this going. 4. If you’re not a…

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Dear Daddy…

Dear Daddy, I know I’ve got children of my own now – but you’ll always be “Daddy” to me. While I shouldn’t have to wait for Father’s Day to roll around to tell you how I feel, often it’s those Milestones on the calendar that shift me out of my just living mode into actually verbalizing my thoughts. A friend of mine recently shared her thoughts with me on how Fathers influence not just our choice in men – but also our careers. I wanted to say thank you for always being my biggest fan and supporter. I’ve always known…


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The Ultimate BritMums Live Meme

While I’ve attended many bloggy, social media, and mom blogger conferences and events in the US, next week will be my first in the UK. I’m headed to BritMums Live. The Ultimate Brit Mums Live meme was created by the author of the blog A Boy With Aspergers to help get people socializing before the big event – while you’re supposed to be tagged by other bloggers – I’m just going ahead and tagging myself :0) The meme rules ask that you copy and paste the questions, answer them, then tag another two to four bloggers to do the same.…

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So my 6 year old recently came home with his very own Modigliani.       So we spent some time searching through google images for my son to locate the original painting from which he’d copied. He kept telling me, no that’s not the guy, that’s not the guy…. until we found it, and it’s a girl!       I do think his own artistic style has now been influenced by Modigliani, take a look at his self-portrait (wearing school uniform)     What artist, style or genre do you think your child’s artwork fits into?

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Join us Monday June 11 for #MumsNight – Stock Your Pantry

Come join us for our next #MumsNight, Monday June 11th  to share your tips, tricks, ideas and learn from other UK Mums. Come for the advice, chat or just for fun! Stock Your Pantry We’ll be discussing how to Organize your pantry Create a pantry or larder with no storage space Essential pantry items How to make your own pantry items How to cook from your pantry How to properly store different items in your pantry or larder We’ll be sharing tips, swapping personal stories and advice to help you stock your pantry! Please join us on Twitter from 8:30pm… Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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