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The F-Bomb – from the mouths of babes

My younger son was almost 2 when he first dropped the F-bomb. Well, it isn’t that surprising in the sense that my husband swears like a sailor – however, I think when or if you hear something like that come out of your little baby’s mouth, it’s shocking nonetheless. The first time it happened we were sitting at a table and he dropped his fork and said “oh F*#$” and we all kind of paused and looked at him, not believing our ears – and asked him what he said- so he kindly repeated himself. After a lecture about not…

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Childcare costs in Chicago and London

So childcare is not one of those things you necessarily want to scrimp on – you want the best quality of care for your child afterall. However – childcare costs, especially in large cities make finding the right solution very challenging. When we lived in a suburban city in the US childcare costs were about $300-$400 USD/month at really nice daycare centers and in-home childcare (childminders) would be less than that. {total costs approx $5,000 USD / yr per child} When we lived in an urban city in the US, in Chicago we were looking at about $215-$350 USD/ wk…

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ABC Gum Addicted Child – Any suggestions?

My 4 year old is an ABC gum addict. Yep it’s cringeworthy. I think I threw up a little in my mouth just typing that. If you’re not familiar with the term, it stands for “already been chewed.” So here’s the thing – we’ve caught him at it several times, but he’s very very sneaky about it so we know he must have done it even more and we just didn’t catch him. He is crazy about sweets (candy if we’re in the US) and is always asking for sweets and sweeties. We try to limit his intake on them…

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Twitter names

Sooo…. I was trying to change my twitter username to a new one to match my blog. Unfortunately TransatlanticMom is 1 character too long, so it made it TransatlanticMo Well I don’t want to be a “mo” so then I was trying other variations on the theme, but somehow they just didn’t look right, for example TAmom and TAmum conjures up tits & a*$ mom – definitely not a handle I’d like on Twitter. Then I thought, USUKmom – then realized it said “you suck mom.” Pfff. TransMom – nope! Fail Darn you Twitter and everyone who has taken any…

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Why Transatlantic – Why not Expat?

It’s funny even though I live in the UK and have American and Belgian nationality I don’t feel like an Expat. When I think of Expat I think of compounds of Americans in foreign countries – living outside or next the general native populace. It also feels to me like with Expat there is an expectation that you’ll be returning to your place of origin within a short time. So what are you if you aren’t native – go back and forth and have no plans for repatriation? What if you feel like a local because the places you live…


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Goodies & Baddies

It was kind of surprising to hear about “Goodies and Baddies” at first. In the US the boys had played good-guy and bad-guy scenarios with their friends but they had always been someone specific – generally a branded character. For example they would come home and tell me that they were red Spiderman while their friend so-and-so was black Spiderman (aka Venom) and would tell me about their fights and adventures etc. However, within a week of the kids starting school in the UK it was all about “Goodies and Baddies.” It was no longer about Spiderman, Batman etc. When…

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Bonjour Disneyland Paris

My eldest son J who turns 6 next month has become aware of that childhood mecca – Disney (land/world). He’s been asking us to tivo the commercials for Disneyland Paris, asking us to write down the phone number and sneaking up on me at odd times to gravely let me know that Disney is currently on sale and that he as a child can stay and play free. Good job Disney – clearly your marketing has reached your intended demographic and is resonating well. I wonder how long it will be before you see a return on that investment (ok…

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What’s in a name? (and the reason I should never ever get a tattoo…)

Ok – I wouldn’t call it indecisive – I think of it more as over-decisive. I have trouble settling on a name for blogs. (Hence why this blog currently has the rather generic url of MummyBlogger.org – while technically correct I feel it gives me time to “find myself” ) Funny to have a self identity crisis before getting started but I guess that’s the way of things for me. There are som many parts of me that I want to share in my blog – but identifying myself with just seems a little hard for me. I don’t think…

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2012 Mummy Blogger Events UK and US

Conferences and meetups are a great way to learn new blogging tips of the trade and connect with other bloggers. While some conferences are focused on blogging and social media in general – there are a few that have started which are focused on Mummy and Daddy bloggers. Here are just a few – please let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any so we can add them to the growing list. UK – 2012 April 21, 2012, BlogCamp UK , Birmingham UK May 12, 2012, CybHer, London UK June 22-23, 2012, BritMums Live! 2012, London, UK Canada –  2012 April Date… Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...

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