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Re-introducing my cast of characters…

So as I’ve been blogging the last few years and having posts which include references to my kids – what to call them has varied. I’ve called them my son and named their ages, or referred to them as eldest or youngest, and very occasionally by the first letter of their name. I’ve found it can be a bit confusing and lacks consistency and as our cast of characters is expanding (we’re currently expecting #3) I need to come up with something I’m good with calling them.

I don’t call them by their full names even though I include their photos in that they don’t currently have a choice regarding their participation and I figure as they get older and more active online I don’t want all their old kid photos and stories cluttering up their online profiles. I did of course reserve their gmail accounts in their names at birth and so they’ve had email accounts since they were babies- but when they are on whatever social network is cool for teenagers I don’t want the story and photos of their 5 year old antics virtually haunting them.

So without further ado let me re-introduce you to my motley crew.

My eldest son – until further notice my six year old will be referred to as “Captain Hook.” A creative storyteller, raconteur of fantastic adventures- he’s a conscientious older brother and honest to a fault.

My middle (and until recently, youngest) son- until further notice will be referred to as “Peter Pan.” Always when asked what he wants to be when he grows up – he responds “a boy” this fashion forward four year old is as sweet as his sweet tooth.

My youngest (and yet to be born) child will be my first daughter – and for now let’s just call her “Tinker Bell” – as even though she’s not born yet,  her presence brings magic into our lives.


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