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Spring cleaning my dirty dirty twitter account

Ok, so there’s snow in London – that must mean it’s time for some spring cleaning! Erm, right. Anyways. …

Looking over my Twitter account I decided there were some random accounts without profile pics, had way to much love for Justin Bieber or used heart symbols way too often for my comfort level. It was time for some spring cleaning! A little grooming is not a bad thing – so I looked around and tried out a few Twitter profile cleaning tools. By far, my favorite was Manage Flitter. I used their free service and it was by far the easiest and most intuitive to use and easily helped me clean up my account and would have helped me follow more people should I have been so inclined.

I first sorted out the people who hadn’t yet updated their profile picture (that’s like the first thing a real person does, am I right?) It identified 54 people whom I had been following who didn’t have a profile image. I selected all of them to delete but had to pause on one, @mommykikka – that tweet made me pause you know, and wonder a little bit more about this mommy and her spunky bows account…. I began to wonder about the words spunky and bows – their connotations and denotations and then their relationship when placed together…

AND… unfollow and delete.

Right, so then it was time to clean out old or expired accounts. The ones people hadn’t used in a while. I was thinking this might have been like 3 months, 4 months – I know how it is, you get busy with life/family/job etc. I was really surprised to see some accounts had been truly abandoned. I mean come on, are you really going to come back after 3 years? Especially you @couponsavinggal – you were last looking for deal saving sites, I hope your 3 year absence means you’ve won the Lottery.

All in all – I’m glad I tried this tool and do recommend it if you’d like to do some cleanup of your tweeple. Have you tried a Twitter cleaner or Twitter tool that’s worth taking for a spin? Please do share!


{disclosure notice: I did not receive any compensation or products/services for mentioning my use of Manage Flitter}

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  1. Strictly Jen says:

    I’m quite flattered that you spring cleaned all those people out, yet started following me! I’m now following you too, nice to find an interesting blogger that’s new to me.
    Strictly Jen recently posted..Nervous, or jealous?My Profile

  2. Storyofmum says:

    I’m a big http://thetwitcleaner.com/ fan – keep having to use them when I hit my twitter follow limit these days. As well as checking who isn’t following back with http://www.friendorfollow.com/ as I run out of decent excuses for unfollowing people (like the good ones you describe above). I don’t really like unfollowing at all (maybe similar to my home hoarding pattern!…)

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