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The F-Bomb – from the mouths of babes

My younger son was almost 2 when he first dropped the F-bomb. Well, it isn’t that surprising in the sense that my husband swears like a sailor – however, I think when or if you hear something like that come out of your little baby’s mouth, it’s shocking nonetheless.

The first time it happened we were sitting at a table and he dropped his fork and said “oh F*#$” and we all kind of paused and looked at him, not believing our ears – and asked him what he said- so he kindly repeated himself.

After a lecture about not saying that word and the difference between appropriate and inappropriate language, we then had regular reports from our older son of the younger frequently using the forbidden word – out of our presence.

It was a few months later before he said it to us again. We were trick-or-treating in Chicago, walking down the street, visiting each of the houses until we came to the middle of the block and the rest of the houses had their lights out – indicating they wouldn’t be giving out candy to trick-or-treaters. We explained to the kids these houses didn’t have an candy. Our little then gestured towards the houses said, “What the F&*@ ” We had that instant shock-giggle and tried to then go straight-faced and tell him not to say that…etc.

Similar situations have occurred since – where he uses it surprisingly well in a sentence – seemingly understanding the right context (if only he were older! lol). It’s so hard to keep a straight face when 1. it’s so shocking, 2. it’s accurate.

I was delighted to see parents on A Modern Family struggle with this same issue. Their 2 year old (like ours) says the F word – and not just in the privacy of their home. While both parents are shocked by it – one can’t help but giggle, thus inadvertently encouraging the behavior.

In the US even before it aired it was receiving some controversy. The Parents Television Council (PTC) said:”It’s not suitable language for a child that young in the real world, and it’s not suitable language for a child that young on television, either.”

What do you think? When did your child first curse? Do you remember swearing for the first time when you were a kid?

As for me – I was 3 at the dinner table, all was quiet when I looked up and said “shit” everyone looked at me and I quickly said,” I meant fish, fish!”

Here’s a video of “Shit Lily says…” (here’s the F-bomb scenes on Huffington Post)

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