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BabyPing video baby monitor is a must for Expat Parents

One of the challenges of being a “transatlantic” family is that our extended family – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc are overseas. While we miss free family babysitters, we miss sharing special family moments even more.

When we knew we were expecting we began searching around for the perfect baby monitor. When I was a first-time Mother, I had one of those monitors with an under-mattress breathing sensor. At the time, it gave me peace of mind knowing baby was breathing. For my second child, I no longer needed that extra piece of mind to allay my crazy first time Mom fears, but it was the one I owned so we stuck with it, but didn’t connect the under mattress sensor. With the new baby, it was time for a new monitor. It had been 7 years since I shopped for a monitor and I knew that I wanted a video monitor.  As I began researching video monitors, I found 2 on the market that displayed the video feed via an app on my iPhone. The features and reviews I read convinced me that the BabyPing would be the better choice for us.

The BabyPing has 2 iPhone (or iPad) apps, once displays the video feed from the monitor on my closed home network (works while I’m at home) and the other allows us to view the video feed when away from home – this is great for letting the Grandparents in USA and Belgium tune in to a live feed of baby Tinkerbell day or night.

Here are two iPhone screenshots showing the video feed with the lights on and off.

BabyPing video feed with lights on

BabyPing video feed with lights on

BabyPing video feed with lights off

BabyPing video feed with lights off

The monitor and accessories comes in a small box. While there seemed at first to be a lot of stuff in the box – the most important item is the video camera itself and the plug to power it.  You won’t see any receivers etc. because you use your iPhone and the BabyPing app to view the baby. (So you do need to have an iPhone or iPad already.)

BabyPing unboxed

BabyPing unboxed

To set up the monitor, we plugged it in to our wireless router, then followed the instructions on the BabyPing iphone app. Setup was pretty easy.After it connected with the app, we were able to unplug the monitor and take it to the nursery, where we had to position it within reach of the electric plug so it could be powered to operate.

Our wireless router is on the 1st floor and our nursery the 3rd, so although we were able to get an intermittent signal, our signal wasn’t strong enough to rely on all the time. This was easily solved by purchasing a wireless repeater  (we bought this one on Amazon) which we plugged in on the 3rd floor, strengthening the wifi to the BabyPing monitor.

As we discover more about the monitor, how our family abroad is enjoying it I’ll continue to post about our new baby monitor adventures! Next I’ll be walking my non-techy parents through setting up the BabyPing + so they can view the baby.

BabyPing retails on their website, babyping.com for £149.99 at the time of writing this post it’s for sale for £139.99 on Amazon.

*Disclosure – upon my request, BabyPing provided me with a monitor to review

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