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The disappointments of Christmas…

Ralphie from A Christmas Story and his Red Ryder BB GunThe boys have been excitedly making plans for Christmas.  They’ve made their wishlist’s and told Santa all about what they want for Christmas. It took explaining multiple times before “Captain Hook” and “Peter Pan” understood the list was more a guideline for Santa, the Elves and assorted family members to understand what they wanted, not a list of everything they’d for sure be receiving for Christmas. When I had suggested putting the list on the fridge – they insisted on taping it to the window facing out so Santa and the Elves could peek in at it. It’s been on the window since, although has come down a few times for last-minute additions.

Although they are 2 years apart in age – they are in almost complete alignment for want they want for Christmas. One item in particular has caught their fancy this year, it’s a Spy Camera Watch. The thing is – they are 100% convinced that Santa is going to bring it for Christmas for each of them this year. They talk about it daily, they draw pictures of themselves wearing it in the future and have created plans for it’s deployment on missions. Their convictions aside, I’m not sure Santa feels the same about it.

From what I understand from Santa – all of their presents have all been made or purchased already – this would be on top of everything else. As a favor to Santa I also researched this Spy Cam Watch and not only is it really expensive for what it is, (about £50) it’s got a lot of poor reviews from parents etc. which were it something that didn’t have so much expectation and anticipation around it I’d never even consider, based solely on the overwhelming negative feedback.

So I wonder – which disappointment would be worse, wanting something so desperately for Christmas and Santa doesn’t bring it? (even though it was on your list and you told Father Christmas in person as you sat on his knee) or it does come, and it’s a complete piece of junk and isn’t as magical as you expected? 

The fervor with which they want these reminds me of Alfie from a Christmas Story who desperately wanted the Red Rider BB Gun, is told by everyone that he’ll shoot his eye out if he gets it, and then pretty much almost does…

So what do you think Santa should do?

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