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Dear Daddy…

Dear Daddy, I know I’ve got children of my own now – but you’ll always be “Daddy” to me. While I shouldn’t have to wait for Father’s Day to roll around to tell you how I feel, often it’s those Milestones on the calendar that shift me out of my just living mode into actually verbalizing my thoughts. A friend of mine recently shared her thoughts with me on how Fathers influence not just our choice in men – but also our careers.

I wanted to say thank you for always being my biggest fan and supporter. I’ve always known and felt that you wholeheartedly believed in me and my power to change things, help people, think independently and do great things. With that kind of support system – you’ve helped me build my own sense of self worth and independence. You’ve always made me feel valued – and that my ideas (even the wacky ones) were of merit.

Because of this – through family changes, new relationships, changing careers – I’ve always felt that I was smart enough and capable enough to tackle any new challenge. In fact when approaching new ideas or obstacles, it never occurred to me that I couldn’t do it or might need expert assistance. You had instilled in me the confidence that I was able to tackle it and smart enough and resourceful enough to figure out how to accomplish whatever I had set out to do.

You’ve always tried to guide me, give me your support when you can and just listen when there was nothing else that could be done. While Mom helped inspired my creativity, resourcefulness and perseverance – my confidence, competence and self love were inspired from and grew from your own. For this I’ll be eternally grateful.

When I was about 9 you gave me some of the best advice that’s stuck with me ever since…

Never write down anything you don’t want the world to read.

(you said as you put away one of the high school love letters from my older brother’s stash… hahhahahaha!)

So world – feel free to read this!

(P.S. this is my Father’s Day gift for you – I thought you might like it better than a tie.)

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