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The most outrageous lie I’ve told my children and gotten away with for over a year!…

When we lived in Chicago we had a daily commute of 7 miles in the morning and evening – that, due to speed limits and traffic took 45-1.5hrs each way and passed 4-6 McDonald’s depending upon the route. My kids had an unnatural ability to spot those Golden Arches from blocks away and create an unholy din in the car as they’d begin clamoring for Happy Meals.

While I don’t have anything against a Happy Meal – the problem was my kids never actually ate the food. So it became an expensive waste. They would only ever just drink the juicebox and play with the toy. We quickly learned that we could just purchase the Happy Meal toy from the drive through for less than $1, and they’d be happy – but it’s certainly not a precedent I wanted to set on a daily-drive basis.

So when we moved from Chicago to London – we got rid of our cars. Our daily commute now involves walking, buses, the tube and an occasional taxi. But here’s where we get to the good part. You see we seized up on the opportunity of the move, and that things are different here in England – to tell our children, that “There is no McDonald’s in England.” This strategy has served us amazingly well! We’ve even walked down the street past it and they’ve not noticed (as we’ve drawn their attention away…) thanks in part due to how different in appearance the McDonald’s restaurant locations are here, and how small their external signage and arches are. Thank you local building authority and regulations!!!

So we’ve gotten away with this for over a year. Recently, our 6yr old said he spotted a McDonald’s from the bus near his school, we told him he must have been mistaken, that it was advertising for America. Which, familiar with ads on his TV shows etc – he’s buying for now.

So how about you – what’s the most outrageous lie that you’ve told your kids? Did it work?


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