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My son asked, “Is Karma Real?”…

Last night my son, “Captain Hook,” came up to me to ask “Is Karma real?”  That’s a tricky question when trying to answer a 6 year old, and a lot comes down to personal belief and context.

I told him, yes, I believe Karma is real – but not everyone does so. For example, your Father doesn’t believe in Karma, but I do believe it’s real. I believe that if you do good things, and your put good thoughts, deeds and actions out there – then it’s not instantaneous or measured 1 for 1, but good things do come back to you.

I asked him – what made him ask and he said “I got up from the couch and didn’t want my brother to have my pillow while I was gone so I tried to take it away with me, and ended up tripping and bumping my head.”

Ok – yes that could be seen as karmic retribution, but a little more cause-effect than what I was trying to thinking and trying explain.

Of course his Father popped his head in the door at that point to say Karma wasn’t true since not all bad people get what they deserve – but I had to point out he didn’t know that for sure, and we have to do the best we can each day in doing the right thing and helping others, regardless of the poor actions of others.

So now my 6 year old believes in Karma, at least on small level. We haven’t gotten to the tough questions yet like, why do bad things happen to good people, or why do little kids get really sick, or why are there floods/wars/insert other here… He does believe that having poor intentions and carrying through with them will come back to bite you.

How have you explained Karma to your kids?

I did take a look for children’s books on Karma but didn’t really see any. Let me know if you have any to recommend.


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