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My 5 Step plan for overcoming Comment Anxiety

If you haven’t read about my “Comment Anxiety”, go here first.

Ok right – so by now you know I’m working to overcome my Comment Anxiety – so I’ve created a plan that I thought some of you might find helpful. Let me know what you think or if there are any other steps worth adding. (I’m ok if this becomes a 10+ step plan)

  • Comment on every blog post I read – (even if I think my comment is lame)
  • Reply to all comments received on my blog
  • For everyone who comments on my blog and leaves a link to theirs – go comment on their blog
  • Visit every #MumsNight participant blog – read a post a leave a comment
  • Discover and comment on 3 new blogs a week

So according to research from UCL it takes about 2 months of daily repetition to build a new habit. So here goes my 2 month plan for overcoming Comment Anxiety and becoming more generous with comments and bloggy contributions.


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