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Are you fluent in International Boy-Speak?

Esperanto may be the “International Language” and “Klingon” is spoken by Trek Geeks everywhere – but what is the International Boy Language? I believe it originated on the Isle of Sodor – and if you have a boy, you know immediately the language to which I refer: Thomas & Friends.

Thomas the Tank Engine was created by a father for his son 67 years ago and has since been translated into 30 languages and is found across the globe. In Chicago, our boys would play with their Thomas train track, and Sir Topham Hatt – and speak to their friends at school in a shared language of “chug chugs, toot toot, clank and whir…”

When we moved from Chicago to London, the Thomas and Friends toys and movies were some of the few items that made it through the ruthless pre-packing purge.  Upon our arrival in London they were delighted to find that Thomas & Friends was on TV and other items more frequently than in the U.S. and here too at school was the language shared between boys on the schoolyard and at playdates.

The boys were delighted to watch to the Thomas & Friends DVD, Rescue on the Rails. This DVD seemed more action packed in the episodes than some we’ve watched previously – the engines brave the rails to rescue their friends and discover that being heroic is more than having speed and strength, it’s about teamwork and big heart.

As a Mom, I liked that there were multiple formats in which to watch the DVD. It had a long play which included all of the episodes – tied together with a live action actor who is preparing the station house for a performance by a magician – and then each of the Thomas & Friends animated episodes between. The first time one of the animated episodes ended, credits ran – the boys started shouting that it was over, but after having them settle and wait a moment, it continued the live action storyline, then resumed with animated episodes and so on – the total run time was 54 minutes. If we had less time – we could have played just the animated episodes individually.

The boys loved receiving the DVD and watching it. And of course told all of their friends at school about it (remember – it’s the International Language of Boys) and upon returning home from work, wasn’t allowed to fully enter the door or take off my coat before having to read a letter held in front of my face by my 6 year old.  It was in fact the very first written note I’ve ever received from my son – it demanded that his best friend come over and watch the new Thomas movie right away. They had in fact crafted the letter together at school after hatching their plan and his best friend had even told his parents that they had wrote this note and he was planning on coming over to watch the Thomas & Friends: Rescue on the Rails.

"Evan wants to see the new Thomas movie at our house Jackie."

If you and your children enjoy Thomas and Friends – the new DVD, Thomas & Friends: Rescue on the Rails is available from Monday 21st of May, for 12.99.


We were given a copy to review before the official launch – which my sons very much appreciated and were not compensated in any other way. The review and opinions expressed in this post are those of my own and my sons. Link to Disclosure Policy.

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