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Is it possible to be Pinterest Proof?

I love Pinterest, I could play and pin on it for hours. It’s a wonderfully visual world to immerse myself in. But recent discussions on the legal implications of pinning, and what Pinterest can do with these images – has led me to want to protect and prevent my own photos from being pinned. (Why may you ask? Read this article on How to enjoy Pinterest and not lose your shirt (and everything else you own…))

Nickie, from Typecast, posted an excellent tutorial on how to add a snippet of code to the header of your blog to prevent people pinning your images on Pinterest.

I implemented this – and it does work, as long as that someone is using the “Pin It” button from their browser bar.


However, if you use the image URL and pin it using Pinterest itself, that’s a different story…..

If you copy the image URL, then head to Pinterest and click “Add”

You’ll be given the option to enter the image URL

Where you can enter the image URL you’ve just copied – from a site that has the no pinning on Pinterest code installed

Which will then display on your board

Fail. ……. Anyone have any ideas for Pinterest Proof images? (besides really ugly photos?)


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