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Keeping in touch while traveling

One of the hardest things while traveling for work is keeping in touch with the kids. You’d think in this day and age it would be easier than it is – but with timezones and tech it can often be a challenge.

The hardest is when I’m on the West Coast in the US and trying to chat with the boys back in London – it’s almost a half-day away in terms of timezones, so there ‘s almost never a convenient time to connect between my meetings, their school and sleep schedule.

When I do reach out – I prefer not to use my UK cell phone, due to roaming charges but instead use FaceTime on my iPhone to connect with the boys/family at home via iPad or MacBook – or use skype on my phone or computer. Both of these options (FaceTime and Skype) require a good internet connection, so it’s essential to find a good wireless hotspot.

Often – when I try and connect with the boys via FaceTime,  I get rejected, as they’ll be playing their games on it – I try and ring through and they hit the cancel or reject button! Arrrgh. After trying to get through multiple times I finally resort to calling the house phone (using my expensive roaming phone) to tell them to stop rejecting me and pick up my call. Then when I do get on, they’re like Mummy I miss you but can you go away I’m playing iPad. Then I hear later that they cry because they miss me and didn’t get to talk to me. I think there’s no way to win on that one.

How do you keep in touch while traveling – any advice?

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