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#MumsNight – Tips for Traveling with Kids (+ 2 giveaways)

Shortly after I became pregnant with my first son – the OB told me, “When you have kids – travel is what you do with the kids, and vacation is what you do without.” Hideous cold unfeeling cow I thought then – now? Not so much. Now I think you marvelous insightful woman – should you not have sought a different career path, like life counselor, spiritual advisor or 0800 psychic?

I love my children I truly do and they are wonderful, thoughtful, energetic boys. Which means when it comes to travel – which we do frequently, we have to contain their energy and enthusiasm in a small crowded space. Which often can be a challenge.

With each of my sons, long distance travel started at 6 weeks of age…. and hasn’t let up from there. Throughout out journeys I’ve learned a thing or two from experience and even more from other travelling Mums and Dads. Come share your experiences with others and learn new tips about Travelling with Kids at our next #MumsNight.

As an extra special treat we’ve been given some giveaways to share with our #MumsNight guests. Because what’s good for babies – isn’t necessarily the best for older children we have two age specific giveaways featured below.

We’ll be sharing tips, personal stories and tools to help you have fun, stay safe/sane while travelling with kids.

Please join us on Twitter from 8:30pm -9:30 pm BST Monday May 7th.

Follow @TransatlantiMom and the hashtag #MumsNight to view the discussion – and be sure to add the hashtag #MumsNight to each of your tweets to join the conversation.

Giveaway for Toddler and Child Mums

Carddies are little Card People to colour in and play with for hours. Carddies are packaged in a perfect, robust card box. You can carry them everywhere! Each Carddies set has double sided little Card People and a scene to colour in, high quality Carddies colouring pencils, and plastic stands which all bring the Carddies to life – and better yet were created by Mums!

3 sets of Carddies will be given away to winners – 1 London, 1 Knights and 1 Cavemen (these will be selected randomly for the giveaway winners)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway for Mums with Babies

When travelling with babies – especially when we stayed in hotels, one of our biggest challenges was how to bathe baby while on the go – so imagine my delight when we found this FlexiBath collapsible, foldable – toss in your suitcase baby bath! Amazing.

Flexi Bath is the brainchild of Danish designers who created the first and only hard plastic children’s bath tub which you can fold up flat and put away within seconds.

Enter below for your chance to win one!

The lovely people at WhiteStep UK, creators of the Flexibath have also given us a coupon code just for our #MumsNight guests. Party goers will receive 15% off the Flexibath range, including the bath, bath toys, and brand new bath support. The code is PARTY15

Enter the giveaway below to win a FlexiBath

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(disclosure: I have in no way been compensated for these giveaways – all brands etc featured in the twitter party and giveaways are chosen by me, and the brands represented in the giveaways are providing the prizes to the winners directly with no compensation to me)

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