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Twitter names

Sooo…. I was trying to change my twitter username to a new one to match my blog.

Unfortunately TransatlanticMom is 1 character too long, so it made it TransatlanticMo

Well I don’t want to be a “mo” so then I was trying other variations on the theme, but somehow they just didn’t look right, for example

TAmom and TAmum conjures up tits & a*$ mom – definitely not a handle I’d like on Twitter. Then I thought,

USUKmom – then realized it said “you suck mom.” Pfff. TransMom – nope!


Darn you Twitter and everyone who has taken any non-dirty relevant name.

Out of desparation I tried one of those username generators.  I put in Transatlantic Mom, I got back: Loser-tastic Emo 


Major Fail

Ohhhh ok I got it  TransatlantiMom   – it’s only missing a “c” and isn’t dirty. Yay!

Have now updated my online profile and notified my tweeple.



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