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What’s in a name? (and the reason I should never ever get a tattoo…)

Ok – I wouldn’t call it indecisive – I think of it more as over-decisive. I have trouble settling on a name for blogs. (Hence why this blog currently has the rather generic url of MummyBlogger.org – while technically correct I feel it gives me time to “find myself” ) Funny to have a self identity crisis before getting started but I guess that’s the way of things for me.

There are som many parts of me that I want to share in my blog – but identifying myself with just seems a little hard for me. I don’t think it will take me 5 years like that poor kid who was raised gender neutral by “it’s” parents – but it may take me a few weeks or months.

Most of the Mommy/Mummy blogs I follow have an identity around the kids or parenting style, ie Her Bad Mother, Resourceful Mom, Slummy Single Mummy

But, at the rate my children have grown ( I swear it’s at lightspeed!) my parenting style seems to have to change and adapt daily – so while I originally had the url babyslingmama.com when they were in their slings – as soon as they grew out of the that, my blogging on that site stopped as it felt in-authentic.

So maybe it’s more about me than about them? The blog I mean. (Isn’t everything supposed to be about me? lol) Or at least the title/moniker – twitter name etc. I’m not sure.

Picking names for my kids was easy – in fact I had them picked out even before I became pregnant. Funnily enough I get compliments on their names – (weird right?)

Ok folks – here are some of the url’s I have reserved for my “mommy blog” – they sit in my stash of hoarded domains (yes we’ll go into my hoarding at a later date friends). I think over time I’ll see how this blog goes, sticking with the vague mommyblogger.org until I find my authentic voice and identity – or get a better idea.

Here’s the list (and growing)

  • Micro Mother
  • Carseats in Taxis
  • Londonatrix
  • Transatlantic Mom
  • Bento Lunch
  • Baby Sling Mama
  • Foodie Kids
  • Puddle Jumping

So what do you think? How did you decide on one url for your blog? Did you use the mommy blog name generator?


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