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Why Transatlantic – Why not Expat?

It’s funny even though I live in the UK and have American and Belgian nationality I don’t feel like an Expat. When I think of Expat I think of compounds of Americans in foreign countries – living outside or next the general native populace. It also feels to me like with Expat there is an expectation that you’ll be returning to your place of origin within a short time.

So what are you if you aren’t native – go back and forth and have no plans for repatriation? What if you feel like a local because the places you live (in the US and UK) are multicultural cities – so in a sense they don’t feel all that different as far as the daily life, restaurants and attractions available.

For me – I think it makes me Transatlantic.


So how does the dictionary define transatlantic?

trans·at·lan·tic (trnst-lntk, trnz-)


1. Situated on or coming from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.
2. Spanning or crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

I live on an Island in the Atlantic

I lived in the US, then the UK, then back to the US and now again back in the UK (with multiple stops in Belgium in-between)

I cross the Atlantic regularly for work, family and fun

Um yep, check, check and check – I guess I’m a Transatlantic Mom then.

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