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Would you hire an airplane nanny?

So we’ve taken the boys on plenty of flights – that best way I can describe it is “it’s like aligator wrestling.” There’s a whole lot of flailing and sometimes teeth involved – and when you least expect it they can turn on you!  It’s not just the flight though – usually by the time we get on the plane we’re already exhausted by what it took to get there. The days of the kids asking – are we going now? The packing, the making our way to the airport, through security, past all the shops with amazing stuff they want to buy. By the time we get on the plane we are ready for that extended sit-down. Them, not so much.

In crossing the Atlantic with kids – I think the trip from US to Europe is easier- it’s generally later in the evening and is a night flight so we can generally get them to sleep. The other direction however is just a really really long day. So I was definitely interested – when I heard about an Airplane Nanny the other day.

Basically it’s a service where they help match you up with people on your flight who have Nanny or Childminding experience who are willing to watch your kids on the flight – it’s called Nanny in the Clouds.

For me though – after the first thought (more of a daydream really of me in first class being pampered) – the next thought is well who are these people. My suspicious nature next thinks of creepy people and or drug smugglers – hmm.

What I think is missing is some kind of social vetting – kinda like an ebay trust score, but rather using this persons real social graph or network. Perhaps they should license this Whit.li API – to integrate into their service. “Whit.li creates a portable psycho-social identity for consumers. Using context-based pattern matching algorithms through our API, we enable companies to organize users based on compatibility to create a faster, more personalized online experience”

So what do you think – would you pay for an Airplane Nanny? Ever convinced someone on a plane to watch your kids?



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